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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-1998Sacrificial layer process with laser-driven release for batch assembly operationsHolmes, AS; Saidam, SM
1-Dec-1999Surface tension powered self-assembly of 3-D micro-optomechanical structuresSyms,R.R.A.
1-Dec-1999Excimer laser ablation of microstructures: A numerical modelPaterson, C; Holmes, AS; Smith, RW
1-Dec-1999Analysis of folded erbium-doped planar waveguide amplifiers by the method of linesHuang,W.; Syms,R.R.A.
31-Dec-1997Growth and characterization of semiconductor nanoparticles in porous sol-gel filmsDawnay,E.J.C.; Fardad,M.A.; Green,M.; Yeatman,E.M.
31-Dec-1999Investigation of a Low Cost Solder Bumping Technique for Flip-chip InterconnectionHutt,D.A.; Rhodes,D.G.; Conway,P.P.; Mannan,S.H.; Whalley,D.C., et al
31-Dec-1998Design of a Microengineered Electrostatic LensSyms,R.R.A.; Tate,T.J.; Ahmad,M.M.; Taylor,S.
31-Dec-1998Silicon micromachined mass filter for a low power, low cost quadrupole mass spectrometerTunstall,J.J.; Taylor,S.; Syms,R.R.A.; Tate,T.J.; Ahmad,M.M.