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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2008Continuously Rotating Energy Harvester with Improved Power DensityToh, T T; Mitcheson, P D; Yeatman, E M
1-Oct-2008A continuously rotating energy harvester with maximum power point trackingToh, TT; Mitcheson, PD; Holmes, AS; Yeatman, EM
1-Jan-2003Control and filter design of three-phase inverters for high power quality grid connectionProdanovic, M; Green, TC
1-Dec-2010Control models of Switch Mode Maximum Power Point Tracking Interfaces for Energy Harvesting DevicesToh, TT; Mitcheson, PD; Yeatman, EM
1-May-2009Control of constrained discrete-time systems with bounded l(2) gainGoulart, PJ; Kerrigan, EC; Alamo, T
1-Dec-2010Control of mixing in a Stokes' fluid flowCouchman, IJ; Kerrigan, EC
1-Oct-2006Control of motorcycle steering instabilities - Passive mechanical compensators incorporating inertersEvangelou, S; Limebeer, DJN; Sharp, RS; Smith, MC
1-Jan-2006Converter circuit design, semiconductor device selection and analysis of parasitics for micropower electrostatic generatorsStark, BH; Mitcheson, PD; Miao, P; Green, TC; Yeatman, EM, et al
4-Jun-2012Coulomb-damped resonant generators using piezoelectric transductionMiller, LM; Mitcheson, PD; Halvorsen, E; Wright, PK
15-Mar-1993Density of states and localization length in compositionally disordered quantum wires.Nikolic, K; MacKinnon, A
1-Nov-1997A descriptor solution to a class of discrete distance problemsAlHusari, MMM; Jaimoukha, IM; Limebeer, DJN
1-May-2006Design and real-time implementation of robust FACTS controller for damping inter-area oscillationMajumder, R; Pal, BC; Dufour, C; Korba, P
1-Jan-2002Designing model predictive controllers with prioritised constraints and objectivesKerrigan,E.C.; Maciejowski,J.M.
15-Nov-2011Electronic Resonant Frequency Tuning of a Marine Energy HarvesterToh, TT; Mitcheson, PD; Dussud, L; Wright, SW; Holmes, AS
1-May-2008Electrostatic microgeneratorsMitcheson, PD; Sterken, T; He, C; Kiziroglou, M; Yeatman, EM, et al
1-Jan-2010Energy Harvesting for Human Wearable and Implantable Bio-SensorsMitcheson, PD
1-Sep-2008Energy harvesting from human and machine motion for wireless electronic devicesMitcheson, PD; Yeatman, EM; Rao, GK; Holmes, AS; Green, TC
30-Nov-2007Energy Harvesting From Rotating StructuresToh, TT; Bansal, A; Hong, G; Mitcheson, PD; Holmes, AS, et al
Nov-2003Estimating rotational iron losses in an induction machineHernandez-Aramburo, CA; Green, TC; Smith, AC
1-Nov-2003An experimental comparison of several PWM controllers for a single-phase AC-DC converterKaragiannis, D; Mendes, E; Astolfi, A; Ortega, R
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 157