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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-1998The 2-block superoptimal AAK problemHalikias, GD; Jaimoukha, IM
1-Jul-2008Adaptive rational interpolation: Arnoldi and Lanczos-like equationsFrangos, M; Jaimoukha, I.M
2003Advanced FACTS controlAndersson,G.; Green,T.; Pal,B.; Rehtanz,C.
1-Oct-2004Advances in the modelling of motorcycle dynamicsSharp, RS; Evangelou, S; Limebeer, DJN
Sep-2003Analysis and optimisation of MEMS electrostatic on-chip power supply for self-powering of slow-moving sensorsMitcheson,P.D.; Stark,B.H.; Miao,P.; Yeatman,E.M.; Holmes,A.S., et al
2002Analysis of optimised micro-generator architectures for self-powered ubiquitous computersMitcheson,P.D.; Green,T.C.; Yeatman,E.M.; Holmes,A.S.
1-Dec-2010Analysis of Scalable Rectenna Configurations for Harvesting High Frequency Ambient RadiationPinuela, M; Mitcheson, PD; Lucyszyn, S
1-May-2004The application of dynamic programming to optimal inventory controlBerovic, DP; Vinter, RB
1-Sep-2004Application of multiple-model adaptive control strategy for robust damping of interarea oscillations in power systemChaudhuri, B; Majumder, R; Pal, BC
1-Jan-2003Approximation of the minimal robustly positively invariant set for discrete-time LTI systems with persistent state disturbancesRakovic, SV; Kerrigan, EC; Kouramas, K; Mayne, DQ
1-Jun-2004Architectures for vibration-driven micropower generatorsMitcheson, PD; Green, TC; Yeatman, EM; Holmes, AS
1-Jul-2003Assessment of power losses of an inverter-driven induction machine with its experimental validationHernandez-Aramburo, CA; Green, TC; Smith, S
31-Oct-2006Bicycles, Motorcycles and ModelsLimebeer, D J N; Sharp, R S
1-Mar-2006Characterization of the solution to a constrained H-infinity optimal control problemMayne, DQ; Rakovic, SV; Vinter, RB; Kerrigan, EC
1-Jul-2009Choice of estimator for distribution system state estimationSingh, R; Pal, BC; Jabr, RA
30-Nov-2006CMOS Buck-Boost Power processing circuitry for powerMEMS generatorsD'Hulst, R; Mitcheson, P D; Driesen, J
1-Aug-2005Coherency identification in power systems through principal component analysisAnaparthi, KK; Chaudhuri, B; Thornhill, NF; Pal, BC
1-Oct-2002Comparison of high-power converter topologies for the implementation of FACTS controllersSoto, D; Green, TC
1-Jul-2005Comparison of SOI, power device structures in power converters for high-voltage, low-charge electrostatic microgeneratorsStark, BH; Green, TC
1-Oct-2003Continuous stirred tank reactors: easy to stabilise?Antonelli, R; Astolfi, A
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 157