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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Sep-2004MEMS electrostatic micropower generator for low frequency operationMitcheson, PD; Miao, P; Stark, BH; Yeatman, EM; Holmes, AS, et al
1-Jan-2004H-infinity repetitive control of DC-AC converters in microgridsWeiss, G; Zhong, QC; Green, TC; Liang, J
1-Jun-2004Architectures for vibration-driven micropower generatorsMitcheson, PD; Green, TC; Yeatman, EM; Holmes, AS
1-Nov-2004Nonlinear control of feedforward systems with bounded signalsKaliora, G; Astolfi, A
1-May-2004The application of dynamic programming to optimal inventory controlBerovic, DP; Vinter, RB
1-Jan-2004A remark on the stability of interconnected nonlinear systemsRapaport, A; Astolfi, A
1-Dec-2004On steering wobble oscillations of motorcyclesSharp, RS; Limebeer, DJN
1-Sep-2004Application of multiple-model adaptive control strategy for robust damping of interarea oscillations in power systemChaudhuri, B; Majumder, R; Pal, BC
1-Feb-2004Robust damping of multiple swing modes employing global stabilizing signals with a TCSCChaudhuri, B; Pal, BC
1-Oct-2004Advances in the modelling of motorcycle dynamicsSharp, RS; Evangelou, S; Limebeer, DJN