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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2001Voltage balance and control in a multi-level unified power flow controllerSoto-Sanchez, DE; Green, TC
21-Sep-2004MEMS electrostatic micropower generator for low frequency operationMitcheson, PD; Miao, P; Stark, BH; Yeatman, EM; Holmes, AS, et al
1-Oct-2006H-infinity control of the neutral point in four-wire three-phase DC-AC convertersZhong, QC; Liang, J; Weiss, G; Feng, CM; Green, TC
1-Jul-2005Comparison of SOI, power device structures in power converters for high-voltage, low-charge electrostatic microgeneratorsStark, BH; Green, TC
1-May-2005Fuel consumption minimization of a microgridHernandez-Aramburo, CA; Green, TC; Mugniot, N
1-Jul-2003Assessment of power losses of an inverter-driven induction machine with its experimental validationHernandez-Aramburo, CA; Green, TC; Smith, S
1-Aug-2003Mixed-sensitivity approach to H-infinity control of power system oscillations employing multiple FACTS devicesChaudhuri, B; Pal, BC; Zolotas, AC; Jaimoukha, IM; Green, TC
1-Jan-2004H-infinity repetitive control of DC-AC converters in microgridsWeiss, G; Zhong, QC; Green, TC; Liang, J
1-Jun-2004Architectures for vibration-driven micropower generatorsMitcheson, PD; Green, TC; Yeatman, EM; Holmes, AS
1-Jan-2003Control and filter design of three-phase inverters for high power quality grid connectionProdanovic, M; Green, TC