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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2001Normalized H-infinity controller reduction with A Priori error boundsEl-Zobaidi, HMH; Jaimoukha, IM; Limebeer, DJN
1-Nov-1997A descriptor solution to a class of discrete distance problemsAlHusari, MMM; Jaimoukha, IM; Limebeer, DJN
1-Jan-2007A study on LQG/LTR control for damping inter-area oscillations in power systemsZolotas, AC; Chaudhuri, B; Jaimoukha, IM; Korba, P
1-Aug-2003Mixed-sensitivity approach to H-infinity control of power system oscillations employing multiple FACTS devicesChaudhuri, B; Pal, BC; Zolotas, AC; Jaimoukha, IM; Green, TC
1-Jul-1997Implicitly restarted Krylov subspace methods for stable partial realizationsJaimoukha, IM; Kasenally, EM
4-Aug-2000Maximally robust controllers for multivariable systemsGungah, SK; Halikias, GD; Jaimoukha, IM
1-Oct-1997General minimal residual Krylov subspace method for large-scale model reductionJaimoukha, IM
1-Aug-1998Hierarchical optimization in h infinityHalikias, GD; Jaimoukha, IM
1-Feb-2000A linear matrix inequality approach to robust damping control design in power systems with superconducting magnetic energy storage devicePal, BC; Coonick, AH; Jaimoukha, IM; El-Zobaidi, H
1-Jan-1998The 2-block superoptimal AAK problemHalikias, GD; Jaimoukha, IM