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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2008On polyhedral projection and parametric programmingJones, CN; Kerrigan, EC; Maciejowski, JM
1-Aug-2003Mixed-sensitivity approach to H-infinity control of power system oscillations employing multiple FACTS devicesChaudhuri, B; Pal, BC; Zolotas, AC; Jaimoukha, IM; Green, TC
1-Mar-2006Norm estimators and global output feedback stabilization of nonlinear systems with ISS inverse dynamicsKaliora, G; Astolfi, A; Praly, L
1-May-2009A Refined Hilbert-Huang Transform With Applications to Interarea Oscillation MonitoringLaila, DS; Messina, AR; Pal, BC
1-Sep-2005Output feedback stabilization and approximate and restricted tracking for a class of cascaded systemsAstolfi, A; Kaliora, G; Jiang, ZP
1-Dec-2002A Hamilton-Jacobi setup for the static output feedback stabilization of nonlinear systemsAstolfi, A; Colaneri, P
1-Oct-2008A continuously rotating energy harvester with maximum power point trackingToh, TT; Mitcheson, PD; Holmes, AS; Yeatman, EM
1-Nov-2003An experimental comparison of several PWM controllers for a single-phase AC-DC converterKaragiannis, D; Mendes, E; Astolfi, A; Ortega, R
1-Jan-2004H-infinity repetitive control of DC-AC converters in microgridsWeiss, G; Zhong, QC; Green, TC; Liang, J
1-Jun-2004Architectures for vibration-driven micropower generatorsMitcheson, PD; Green, TC; Yeatman, EM; Holmes, AS