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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2011Model reduction of homogeneous-in-the-state bilinear systems with input constraintsCouchman, IJ; Kerrigan, EC; Bohm, C
1-Dec-2010Control of mixing in a Stokes' fluid flowCouchman, IJ; Kerrigan, EC
1-Dec-2010Control models of Switch Mode Maximum Power Point Tracking Interfaces for Energy Harvesting DevicesToh, TT; Mitcheson, PD; Yeatman, EM
1-Dec-2010Analysis of Scalable Rectenna Configurations for Harvesting High Frequency Ambient RadiationPinuela, M; Mitcheson, PD; Lucyszyn, S
1-Sep-2010When is the discretization of a spatially distributed system good enough for control?Jones, BL; Kerrigan, EC
1-Jan-2010Energy Harvesting for Human Wearable and Implantable Bio-SensorsMitcheson, PD
31-Dec-2010Power Management ElectronicsMitcheson, PD; Toh, TT; Beeby S, White N
15-Nov-2011Single-Supply Pre-Biasing Circuit for Low-Amplitude Energy Harvesting ApplicationsDicken, J; Mitcheson, PD; Elliott, A; Yeatman, EM
15-Nov-2011Electronic Resonant Frequency Tuning of a Marine Energy HarvesterToh, TT; Mitcheson, PD; Dussud, L; Wright, SW; Holmes, AS
1-Dec-2011Tuning the Resonant Frequency and Damping of an Electromagnetic Energy Harvester Using Power ElectronicsMitcheson, PD; Toh, TT; Wong, KH; Burrow, SG; Holmes, AS