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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Dec-2016On the gradient of the yield plateau in structural carbon steelsSadowski, AJ; Rotter, JM; Stafford, PJ; Reinke, T; Ummenhofer, T, et al
11-Jul-2016A rainfall disaggregation scheme for sub-hourly time scales: coupling a Bartlett-Lewis based model with adjusting proceduresKossieris, P; Makropoulos, C; Onof, C; Koutsoyiannis, D
7-Dec-2016A novel approach for estimating urban water end use characteristics of cities in the developing worldMuniina, K; Maksimovic, C; Graham, N
11-Aug-2016Short/medium-term prediction for the aviation emissions in the en route airspace considering the fluctuation in air traffic demandChen, D; Hu, M; Han, K; Zhang, H; Yin, J
4-Jul-2016Optimal sensor placement for structural parameter identificationChisari, C; Macorini, L; Amadio, C; Izzuddin, BA
1-Jun-2016Influence of reinforcement spacers on mass transport properties and durability of concrete structuresAlzyoud, S; Wong, HS; Buenfeld, NR
27-Nov-2016Influence of loading rate on the mode II fracture toughness of vinyl ester GRPBrambleby, R; Louca, L; Mouring, S
1-Dec-2016Use of extraction chromatography in the recycling of critical metals from thin film Leach solutionsSchaeffer, N; Grimes, SM; Cheeseman, CR
15-Sep-2016Control of drying shrinkage of magnesium silicate hydrate gel cementsZhang, T; Liang, X; Lorin, M; Wu, Z; Cheeseman, C, et al
10-Nov-2016A novel 'boundary layer' finite element for the efficient analysis of thin cylindrical shellsBoyez, A; Sadowski, AJ; Izzuddin, BA