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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2012Structural Optimisation: Biomechanics of the FemurPhillips, ATM
1-Jan-2012Radar-based pluvial flood forecasting over urban areas: Redbridge case studyWang, L-P; Simoes, N; Rico-Ramirez, M; Ochoa, S; Leitao, J, et al
1-Sep-2012An analytical framework and tool ('InteRa') for integrating the informal recycling sector in waste and resource management systems in developing countriesVelis, CA; Wilson, DC; Rocca, O; Smith, SR; Mavropoulos, A, et al
1-Jun-2012Behaviour of displacement piles in sand under cyclic axial loadingTsuha, CHC; Foray, PY; Jardine, RJ; Yang, ZX; Silva, M, et al
1-Oct-2012Ambient Temperature Drying Shrinkage and Cracking in Metakaolin-Based GeopolymersKuenzel, C; Vandeperre, LJ; Donatello, S; Boccaccini, AR; Cheeseman, C
30-Sep-2012Development of pile design methodology for an offshore wind farm in the North SeaMerritt, A; Schroeder, F; Jardine, RJ; Stuyts, B; Cathie, D, et al
1-Jul-2012The influence of inter-particle friction and the intermediate stress ratio on soil response under generalised stress conditionsBarreto, D; O'Sullivan, C
22-Oct-2012Quantifying the effect of area deprivation on child pedestrian casualties by using longitudinal mixed models to adjust for confounding, interference and spatial dependenceGraham, DJ; McCoy, EJ; Stephens, DA
3-Aug-2012Water for cities: The impact of climate change and demographic growth in the tropical AndesBuytaert, W; De Bievre, B