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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2015Semi- vs. fully-distributed urban stormwater modelsPina, R; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Simoes, N; Mijic, A; Sa Marques, A, et al
30-Jun-2015Temporal interpolation of radar rainfall images: Performance assessment across spatial scaleWang, L; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Akerboom, M; Willems, P; Onof, C
31-Dec-2015Generation of high-temporal resolution QPEs through temporal interpolation of radar images: evaluation over multiple spatial-scalesWang, L; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Onof, C; Willems, P
30-Jun-2015Evaluation of the Met Office super-resolution C-band radar rainfall product over LondonOchoa-Rodriguez, S; Sandford, C; Norman, K; Wang, L; Jewell, SA, et al
29-Sep-2015Singularity-sensitive gauge-based radar rainfall adjustment methods for urban hydrological applicationsWang, LP; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Onof, C; Willems, P
31-Dec-2015Sensitivity of urban drainage models to the spatial-temporal resolution of rainfall inputs: A multi-storm, multi-catchment investigationOchoa-Rodriguez, S; Wang, L; Gires, A; Reinoso Rondinel, R; Pina, RD, et al
30-Sep-2015Stochastic evaluation of sewer inlet capacity on urban pluvial floodingLeitao, J; Simoes, N; Pina, RD; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Onof, C, et al
8-May-2017Fractal analysis of urban catchments and their representation in semi-distributed models: imperviousness and sewer systemGires, A; Tchiguirinskaia, I; Schertzer, D; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Willems, P, et al
9-Mar-2015BAYM: Bayesian rainfall data merging toolWang, L-P; Ochoa-Rodriguez, S
26-May-2015Impact of Spatial and Temporal Resolution of Rainfall Inputs on Urban Hydrodynamic Modelling Outputs: A Multi-Catchment InvestigationOchoa-Rodriguez, S; Wang, L-P; Gires, A; Pina, RD; Reinoso-Rondinel, R, et al