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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2012Inelastic displacement demands in steel structures and their relationship with earthquake frequency content parametersMalaga-Chuquitaype, C; Elghazouli, AY
2-Jan-2018Influence of deterioration modelling on the seismic response of steel moment frames designed to Eurocode 8Tsitos, A; Bravo-Haro, MA; Elghazouli, AY; Commission of the European Communities
7-Feb-2017Experimental assessment and constitutive modelling of rubberised concrete materialsBompa, DV; Elghazouli, AY; Xu, B; Stafford, PJ; Ruiz-Teran, AM, et al
15-Nov-2016Behaviour of hybrid timber beam-to-tubular steel column moment connectionsKaragiannis, V; Malaga Chuquitaype, C; Elghazouli, AY
12-Aug-2017Shake table assessment of gusset plate connection behaviour in concentrically braced framesSalawdeh, S; English, J; Goggins, J; Elghazouli, AY; Hunt, A, et al
1-Aug-2015Ultimate shear behaviour of hybrid reinforced concrete beam-to-steel column assemblagesBompa, DV; Elghazouli, AY
1-Feb-2019Inelastic cyclic behaviour of RC members incorporating threaded reinforcement couplersBompa, DV; Elghazouli, AY
15-May-2018Drift and rotation demands in steel frames incorporating degradation effectsBravo-Haro, MA; Tsitos, A; Elghazouli, AY; Commission of the European Communities
8-Oct-2019Behaviour of confined rubberised concrete members under combined loading conditionsBompa, DV; Elghazouli, AY; Commission of the European Communities
1-Jul-2018Experimental assessment of fire-exposed RC beam-column connections with varying reinforcement development lengths subjected to column removalLi, Z; Liu, Y; Huo, J; Chen, J; Elghazouli, AY