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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Sep-2009Extremely low cycle fatigue tests on structural carbon steel and stainless steelNip, KH; Gardner, L; Davies, CM; Elghazouli, AY
7-Feb-2006Temperature development in structural stainless steel sections exposed to fireGardner, L; Ng, KT
8-Aug-2006Buckling of stainless steel columns and beams in fireNg, KT; Gardner, L
26-Oct-2012Cross-section stability of lean duplex stainless steel welded I-sectionsSaliba, N; Gardner, L
14-Sep-2012Experimental study of the shear response of lean duplex stainless steel plate girdersSaliba, N; Gardner, L
1-Dec-2008Shear response of elliptical hollow sectionsGardner, L; Chan, TM; Wadee, MA
5-Jul-2006Structural design of high-strength austenitic stainless steelGardner, L; Talja, A; Baddoo, NR
1-Nov-2017Stability of multiple-crossarm prestressed stayed columns with additional stay systemsLapira, L; Wadee, MA; Gardner, L
19-Oct-2017Behaviour and design of high-strength steel cross-sections under combined loadingGkantou, M; Theofanous, M; Wang, J; Baniotopoulos, C; Gardner, L, et al
31-Dec-2013Global Instability of Elliptical Hollow Section Beam-columns under Compression and Biaxial BendingLaw, KH; Gardner, L; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E