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1-Jun-20161964-P: PAS-domain containing protein kinase (PASK) is required for the regulation of food intake and glucose homeostasisMondragon, A; Hodson, D; Semplici, F; Mikami, T; Ishii, R, et al
17-May-20221H NMR Signals from urine excreted protein are a source of bias in probabilistic quotient normalizationCorreia, GDS; Takis, PG; Sands, CJ; Kowalka, AM; Tan, T, et al
13-Dec-20211H nuclear magnetic resonance: a future approach to the metabolic profiling of psychedelics in human biofluids?Vilca-Melendez, S; Uthaug, M; Griffin, J; , et al
11-Jan-20112-Substituted-2,3-dihydro-1H-quinolin-4-ones via Acid-Catalyzed Tandem Rupe Rearrangement-Donnelly-Farrell Ring Closure of 2-(3 '-Hydroxypropynyl)anilinesPisaneschi, F; Sejberg, JJP; Blain, C; Ng, WH; Aboagye, EO, et al
30-Jul-20212021 consensus statement for preventing and managing low back pain in elite and subelite adult rowersWilson, F; Thornton, JS; Wilkie, K; Hartvigsen, J; Vinther, A, et al
5-Jan-20223D AGSE-VNet: an automatic brain tumor MRI data segmentation frameworkGuan, X; Yang, G; Ye, J; Yang, W; Xu, X, et al
10-Nov-20093D flow reconstruction using ultrasound PIVPoelma, C; Mari, JM; Foin, N; Tang, MX; Krams, R, et al
Nov-20203D late gadolinium enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance predicts inducibility of ventricular tachycardia in adults with repaired tetralogy of FallotGhonim, S; Ernst, S; Keegan, J; Giannakidis, A; Spadotto, V, et al
Sep-20213D printed chest wall: A tool for advanced microsurgical training simulating depth and limited viewPapavasiliou, T; Ubong, S; Khajuria, A; Chatzimichail, S; Chan, J
-3D Printed microvascular clamps: A safe, cheap and effective instrumentation for microsurgery trainingChatzimichail, S; Papavasiliou, T; Pafitanis, G
18-Aug-20145 ' isomiR variation is of functional and evolutionary importanceTan, GC; Chan, E; Molnar, A; Sarkar, R; Alexieva, D, et al
Sep-2021543P Neoadjuvant MRx0518 treatment is associated with significant gene and metagene signature changes in solid tumoursLythgoe, M; Adriani, M; Stebbing, J; Clark, J; Pickford, E, et al
26-Jul-2021A 3-month period of electronic monitoring can provide important information to the healthcare team to assess adherence and improve asthma controlJochmann, A; Artusio, L; Usemann, J; Jamalzadeh, A; Bush, A, et al
1-Apr-2014A bacteriophage transcription regulator inhibits bacterial transcription initiation by Sigma-factor displacementLiu, B; Shadrin, A; Sheppard, C; Mekler, V; Xu, Y, et al
1-Jul-2020A Bayesian mixture modelling approach for public health surveillanceBoulieri, A; Bennett, JE; Blangiardo, M; , et al
20-Jul-2018A bimodal switch in global protein translation coupled to eIF4H relocalisation during advancing cell-cell transmission of herpes simplex virusTeo, CSH; O'Hare, P
23-Apr-2020A biochemical comparison of the lung, colonic, brain, renal, and ovarian cancer cell lines using 1H-NMR spectroscopyHu, C; Liu, Z; Zhao, H; Wu, L; Lian, Q, et al
1-Jan-2019A bioinspired 3D micro-structure for graphene-based bacteria sensingLi, B; Tan, H; Anastasova-Ivanova, S; Power, M; Seichepine, F, et al
1-Oct-2020A biomechanical confirmation of the relationship between critical shoulder angle (CSA) and articular joint loadingVillatte, G; Van der Kruk, E; Asim, B; Zumstein, M; Moor, B, et al
Aug-2021A Body Shape Index (ABSI), hip index and risk of cancer in the UK Biobank cohortChristakoudi, S; Tsilidis, K; Evangelou, E; Riboli, E
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 5572