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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2021Y disruption, autosomal hypomethylation and poor male lung cancer survivalWillis-Owen, S; Domingo Sabugo, C; Starren, E; Liang, L; Freidin, M, et al
1989Y-glutamyl prodrugsUpperton, Kim Paula
8-Dec-2017Yale school of public health symposium on lifetime exposures and human health: the exposome; summary and future reflectionsJohnson, CH; Athersuch, TJ; Collman, GW; Dhungana, S; Grant, DF, et al
27-Feb-2018Yale School of Public Health Symposium on tissue imaging mass spectrometry: illuminating phenotypic heterogeneity and drug disposition at the molecular level.Charkoftaki, G; Rattray, NJW; Andrén, PE; Caprioli, RM; Castellino, S, et al
Jul-2016Yang-Mills origin of gravitational symmetriesDuff, Michael; Anastasiou, Alexandros
23-Oct-2018Yang-Mills theory from the worldsheetAdamo, T; Casali, E; Nekovar, S
Aug-2010Yangians in Integrable Field Theories, Spin Chains and Gauge-String DualitiesTseytlin, Arkady; Spill, Fabian
19-Apr-2020yannaodh/sweeney_clopath_2020 0.1Sweeney, YA
14-Aug-2018Ycf48 involved in the biogenesis of the oxygen-evolving photosystem II complex is a seven-bladed beta-propeller proteinYu, J; Knoppova, J; Michoux, F; Bialek, W; Cota Segura, E, et al
1-Jun-2015Year in review 2014: basic science and epidemiologyLloyd, C; Cullinan, P
1-Apr-2018Year in review 2017: interstitial lung disease, pulmonary vascular disease and sleepPiper, AJ; Wort, SJ; Renzoni, EA; Kouranos, V;
1-Jan-2011Year in review in Intensive Care Medicine 2010: I. Acute renal failure, outcome, risk assessment and ICU performance, sepsis, neuro intensive care and experimentalsAntonelli, M; Azoulay, E; Bonten, M; Chastre, J; Citerio, G, et al
12-Jan-2011Year in review in Intensive Care Medicine 2010: II. Pneumonia and infections, cardiovascular and haemodynamics, organization, education, haematology, nutrition, ethics and miscellaneaAntonelli, M; Azoulay, E; Bonten, M; Chastre, J; Citerio, G, et al
1-Mar-2011Year in review in Intensive Care Medicine 2010: III. ARDS and ALI, mechanical ventilation, noninvasive ventilation, weaning, endotracheal intubation, lung ultrasound and paediatricsAntonelli, M; Azoulay, E; Bonten, M; Chastre, J; Citerio, G, et al
1-Oct-2015Yeast expressed ArtinM shares structure, carbohydrate recognition, and biological effects with native ArtinMCecilio, NT; Carvalho, FC; Liu, Y; Moncrieffe, M; De Almeida Buranello, PA, et al
1985A yeast pyruvate decarboxylase regulatory geneCheung, Wing Yee
1-May-2019Yeast transformation efficiency is enhanced by TORC1- and eisosome-dependent signallingYu, S-C; Kuemmel, F; Skoufou-Papoutsaki, M-N; Spanu, PD;
1-Apr-2021Yellow fever in Asia - a risk analysisCracknell Daniels, B; Gaythorpe, K; Imai, N; Dorigatti, I; , et al
Jan-2020Yellow fever in South America: The role of environment and host on transmission dynamicsGarske, Tini; Ferguson, Neil; Hamlet, Arran Timothy Patrick;