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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2021X chromosome contribution to the genetic architecture of primary biliary cholangitis.Asselta, R; Paraboschi, EM; Gerussi, A; Cordell, HJ; Mells, GF, et al
31-Dec-2014X-band radar monitoring campaign in Central London: an experiment to assess and improve the applicability of a low-cost portable X-band radar to urban hydrology (Poster Presentation)Ochoa-Rodriguez, S; Wang, L; Pfeifer, M; Li, X; Onof, C, et al
1-Feb-2011X-box binding protein 1 induces the expression of the lytic cycle transactivator of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus but not Epstein Barr virus in co-infected primary effusion lymphomaLai, IY-C; Farrell, PJ; Kellam, P
3-Feb-2015X-exome sequencing of 405 unresolved families identifies seven novel intellectual disability genesHu, H; Haas, SA; Chelly, J; Van Esch, H; Raynaud, M, et al
8-Feb-2017X-linked primary ciliary dyskinesia due to mutations in the cytoplasmic axonemal dynein assembly factor PIH1D3Olcese, C; Patel, MP; Shoemark, A; Kiviluoto, S; Legendre, M, et al
28-Aug-2018X-pinch X-ray emission on a portable low-current, fast rise-time generatorShelkovenko, TA; Pikuz, SA; Tilikin, IN; Bland, SN; Lall, D, et al
11-Apr-2017X-ray computed tomography library of shark anatomy and lower jaw surface modelsKamminga, P; De Bruin, PW; Geleijns, J; Brazeau, MD
2008X-ray crystallographic studies on Particulate Methane Monooxygenase, Thioredoxin A and Arginine DecarboxylaseCarpenter, Liz; Iwata, So; Andrell, Juni
-X-ray crystallography studies of RoAb13 bound to PIYDIN, a part of the CCR5 N terminal domainGovada, L; Saridakis, E; Kassen, SC; Bin-Ramzi, A; Morgan, RM, et al
30-Dec-2016X-ray CT analysis after blast of composite sandwich panelsRolfe, E; Kelly, M; Arora, H; Hooper, PA; Dear, JP, et al
2011X-ray Diagnostics of Relativistic Reflection Around Supermassive Black HolesNandra, Kirpal; Bhayani, Shyam
23-Jan-2013X-ray diffraction and extended X-ray absorption fine structure study of epitaxial mixed ternary bixbyite PrxY2-xO3 (x = 0-2) films on Si (111)Niu, G; Zoellner, MH; Zaumseil, P; Pouliopoulos, A; D'Acapito, F, et al
1983X-ray diffraction studies of reconstituted membranesSnook, K. A.
31-Mar-2003An X-ray diffraction study of inclusions in Allende using a focused X-ray MicroSource.Menzies, ON; Bland, PA; Cressey, G; Berry, FJ
7-Sep-2017X-ray Free Electron Laser Determination of Crystal Structures of Dark and Light States of a Reversibly Photoswitching Fluorescent Protein at Room Temperature.Hutchison, CDM; Cordon-Preciado, V; Morgan, RML; Nakane, T; Ferreira, J, et al
May-2021X-ray generation from and spectroscopy of a thin liquid sheetMarangos, Jonathan; Barnard, Jonathan Charles Tobit
26-Nov-2014X-ray imaging of chemically active valence electrons during a pericyclic reactionBredtmann, T; Ivanov, M; Dixit, G;
22-Dec-2014X-ray imaging of subsurface dynamics in high-Z materials at the Diamond Light SourceEakins, D; Chapman, D
23-Nov-2017X-ray line coincidence photopumping in a solar flareRose, SJ; Keenan, FP; Poppenhaeger, K; Mathioudakis, M; Flowerdew, J, et al
1985X-ray measurements of energy transport in laser-produced plasmasBradley, David Kenneth