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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011V0 production ratios at LHCb and the alignment of its RICH detectorsEgede, Ulrik; Blanks, Christopher George;
22-Feb-2020V2O5 as magnesium cathode material with extended cyclic stabilityDrosos, C; Moss, B; Kafizas, A; Vernardou, D;
8-Apr-2021V6 PRIMROSE: A national trainee collaborative-led, multicentre prospective audit on the care of breast cancer patients with central nervous system disease in the UKLythgoe, MP; Cheng, VWT; McKenzie, HS; Kwan, A; Konstantis, A, et al
17-Aug-2018Vaalbara PalaeomagnetismEvans, ME; Muxworthy, AR
24-Apr-2018Vacancy defect configurations in the metal– organic framework UiO-66: energetics and electronic structureSvane, K; Bristow, J; Gale, J; Walsh, A;
18-Apr-2019Vacancy-driven stabilization of the cubic perovskite polymorph of CsPbI3Kye, YH; Yu, CJ; Jong, UG; Ri, KC; Kim, JS, et al
1-Nov-2021Vaccinating adolescents against SARS-CoV-2 in England: a risk-benefit analysis.Gurdasani, D; Bhatt, S; Costello, A; Denaxas, S; Flaxman, S, et al
26-Jun-2013Vaccinating Girls and Boys with Different Human Papillomavirus Vaccines: Can It Optimise Population-Level Effectiveness?Drolet, M; Boily, M-C; Van de Velde, N; Franco, EL; Brisson, M
11-Aug-2021Vaccinating healthcare workers against covid-19Shemtob, L; Ferris, M; Asanati, K; Majeed, A
30-Nov-2020Vaccinating the UK against covid-19 Primary care can do it but needs extra support to do it fast, safely, and effectivelyMajeed, A; Molokhia, M
26-Sep-2013Vaccinating women previously exposed to human papillomavirus: a cost-effectiveness analysis of the bivalent vaccineTurner, HC; Baussano, I; Garnett, GP;
1-Dec-2022Vaccination after recovery from COVID-19 affects nasal antibody levelsLiew, F; Talwar, S; Efstathiou, C; De Silva, T; Dunachie, S, et al
20-Jan-2018Vaccination in pregnancy – recent developmentsJones, CE; Calvert, A; Mehring-Le Doare, K
28-Mar-2019Vaccination of Icelandic children with the 10-valent pneumococcal vaccine leads to a significant herd effect among adults in IcelandQuirk, SJ; Haraldsson, G; Hjálmarsdóttir, MÁ; Van Tonder, AJ; Hrafnkelsson, B, et al
23-Oct-2019Vaccination or mass drug administration against schistosomiasis: a hypothetical cost-effectiveness modelling comparisonCollyer, BS; Turner, HC; Hollingsworth, TD; Keeling, MJ;
10-Jan-2018Vaccination policies in Europe: Common goals, diverse approaches and public doubts.Petrarca, L; Midulla, F; Openshaw, PJ;
1-May-2018Vaccination status and needs of asylum-seeking children in Denmark: a retrospective data analysisNakken, C; Skovdal, M; Nellums, LB; Friedland, JS; Hargreaves, S, et al
18-Nov-2020Vaccination with novel low-molecular weight proteins secreted from Trichinella spiralis inhibits establishment of infectionSrey, MT; Taccogna, A; Oksov, Y; Lustigman, S; Tai, P-Y, et al
17-Nov-2015Vaccination with Recombinant Microneme Proteins Confers Protection against Experimental Toxoplasmosis in MicePinzan, CF; Sardinha-Silva, A; Almeida, F; Lai, L; Lopes, CD, et al
23-Oct-2015Vaccine approaches to malaria control and elimination: Insights from mathematical modelsWhite, MT; Verity, R; Churcher, TS; Ghani, AC; , et al