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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2005T : G mismatch-specific thymine-DNA glycosylase (TDG) as a coregulator of transcription interacts with SRC1 family members through a novel tyrosine repeat motifLucey, MJ; Chen, DS; Lopez-Garcia, J; Hart, SM; Phoenix, F, et al
1985T antigen binding sequences in cellular DNASimanis, V.
6-Apr-2021T cell assays differentiate clinical and subclinical SARS-CoV-2 infections from cross-reactive antiviral responsesOgbe, A; Kronsteiner, B; Skelly, DT; Pace, M; Brown, A, et al
Oct-2011T cell cancer immunotherapy: Characterisation and manipulation of tumour antigen-specific T cell subsets for adoptive immunotherapy in mouse modelsChai, Jian Guo; Dyson, Julian; White, Matthew;
2002T cell function : effects of MHC level, APC and apoptosisSilk, Jonathan David
2011T cell function in the blood and gastrointestinal mucosa in HIV-1 infectionKelleher, William; Hayes, Peter; Gill, Dilbinder; Kaltsidis, Charalampos;
15-May-2015T cell immunity to the Alkyl Hydroperoxide Reductase of Burkholderia pseudomallei: A correlate of disease outcome in Acute Melioidosis.Reynolds, C; Goudet, A; Jenjaroen, K; Sumonwiriya, M; Rinchai, D, et al
12-Jan-2018T cell immunity to Zika virus targets immunodominant epitopes that show cross-reactivity with other FlavivirusesReynolds, CJ; Suleyman, OM; Ortega-Prieto, AM; Skelton, JK; Bonnesoeur, P, et al
20-Feb-2017T cell immunoengineering with advanced biomaterialsDelcassian, D; Sattler, S; Dunlop, IE;
21-Sep-2017T cell inhibitory mechanisms in a model of aggressive Non-Hodgkin's LymphomaHilmenyuk, T; Ruckstuhl, CA; Hayoz, M; Berchtold, C; Nuoffer, J-M, et al
2-May-2005T cell lineage choice and differentiation in the absence of the RNase III enzyme dicerCobb, BS; Nesterova, TB; Thompson, E; Hertweck, A; O'Connor, E, et al
2008T cell receptor structure and cytokine responses in lung targeted inflammatory modelsReynolds, Catherine Jane
28-Nov-2016T cell receptor Vβ staining identifies the malignant clone in adult T cell leukemia and reveals killing of leukemia cells by autologous CD8+ T cellsRowan, A; Witkover, A; Melamed, A; Tanaka, Y; Cook, LBM, et al
25-Jan-2021T cell response to SARS-CoV-2 infection in humans: a systematic reviewShrotri, M; Van Schalkwyk, MCI; Post, N; Eddy, D; Huntley, C, et al
21-Dec-2015T cell responses are elicited against Respiratory Syncytial Virus in the absence of signalling through TLRs, RLRs and IL-1R/IL-18RGoritzka, M; Pereira, C; Makris, S; Durant, L; Johansson, C, et al
17-Mar-2022T cell responses to SARS-1 CoV-2 spike cross-recognize OmicronKeeton, R; Tincho, MB; Ngomti, A; Baguma, R; Benede, N, et al
10-Jul-2017T Cell-Derived IL-10 Impairs Host Resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis InfectionMoreira-Teixeira, L; Redford, PS; Stavropoulos, E; Ghilardi, N; Maynard, CL, et al
16-Feb-2021T cell-tropic HIV efficiently infects alveolar macrophages through contact with infected CD4+ T cellsSchiff, AE; Linder, AH; Luhembo, SN; Banning, S; Deymier, MJ, et al
2-Jul-2020T cells engineered to target senescenceWagner, V; Gil, J
2-Dec-2021T helper cell subsets in the pleural fluid of tuberculous patients differentiate patients with non-tuberculous pleural effusionsRoofchayee, ND; Adcock, IM; Marjani, M; Dezfuli, NK; Varahram, M, et al