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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017S, N-Co-doped graphene-nickel cobalt sulfide aerogel: Improved energy storage and electrocatalytic performanceHe, G; Qiao, M; Li, W; Lu, Y; Zhao, T, et al
Mar-2012The S-matrix of the Pohlmeyer-reduced AdS5 x S5 superstringTseytlin, Arkady; Hoare, Benjamin David;
1-Jan-2013S-Methyl-L-cysteine sulphoxide: the Cinderella phytochemical?Edmands, WMB; Gooderham, NJ; Holmes, E; Mitchell, SC
19-Aug-2016S100A12 is up-regulated in pulmonary tuberculosis and predicts the extent of alveolar infiltration on chest radiography: an observational studyBerrocal-Almanza, LC; Goyal, S; Hussain, A; Klassert, TE; Driesch, D, et al
31-Jul-2018S100P enhances the motility and invasion of human trophoblast cell linesTabrizi, MEA; Lancaster, TL; Ismail, TM; Georgiadou, A; Ganguly, A, et al
1-Feb-2021S108 Outcomes of firefighter applicants with a history of asthmaKabir, T; Schofield, S; Fitzgerald, B; Cannon, J; Szram, J, et al
18-Sep-2021S1P in the development of atherosclerosis: roles of haemodynamic wall shear stress and endothelial permeabilityWeinberg, P; Warboys, CM;
8-Nov-2021S42 Correlation of measurement of small airways indices in a population of firefightersFeary, J; Kabir, T; Schofield, S; Cullinan, P
24-Jul-2013S6K2: The Neglected S6 Kinase Family Member.Pardo, OE; Seckl, MJ
1-Dec-2019S82 How do specialists treat hypersensitivity pneumonitis in britain?Barber, CM; Burge, PS; Feary, JR; Renzoni, EA; Spencer, LG, et al
Dec-2019S97 Haemoglobin challenge induces dysfunction in human pulmonary artery endothelial cells: potential relevance to pulmonary artery hypertensionBukhari, MS; Mohd-Ghazaly, M; Toe, QK; Quinlan, GJ; Wort, SJW, et al
Dec-2019S99 Hepcidin down regulates BMPRII in pulmonary artery endothelial cells mimicking pulmonary artery hypertension phenotypesToe, QK; Ying, H; Issitt, T; Mohd-Ghazaly, M; Quinlan, GJ, et al
31-May-2019Sa1924 – Effect of short chain fatty acids on gut-brain axis using a microglial cell modelChurchward, MA; Michaud, ER; Blanco, JM; Garcia-Perez, I; Mullish, BH, et al
14-Jun-2016Saber: window-based hybrid stream processing for heterogeneous architecturesKoliousis, A; Weidlich, M; Fernandez, R; Wolf, A; Costa, P, et al
Mar-2020SABINA: an overview of short-acting β2-agonist use in asthma in European countriesJanson, C; Menzies-Gow, A; Nan, C; Nuevo, J; Papi, A, et al
21-Jan-2022SaBRe: load-time selective binary rewritingArras, P-A; Andronidis, A; Pina, L; Mituzas, K; Shu, Q, et al
9-Jun-2016SABRE: WIMP modulation detection in the northern and southern hemisphereFroborg, F; Collaboration, FTSABRE
26-Feb-2018Sabutoclax, pan-active BCL-2 protein family antagonist, overcomes drug resistance and eliminates cancer stem cells in breast cancerHu, Y; Yagüe, E; Zhao, J; Wang, L; Bai, J, et al
1972Sacbrood : a virus disease of the honeybeeFernando, Edward Francis Wilfred
1-Oct-2004Saccadic visual search training: a treatment for patients with homonymous hemianopia.Pambakian, AL; Mannan, SK; Hodgson, TL; Kennard, C