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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Sep-2004Q analysis on reflection seismic dataWang, YH
31-Oct-2015Q&A: Jenny Collier:Collier, J;
6-Oct-2018Q-map: A convolutional approach for goal-oriented reinforcement learning.Pardo, F; Levdik, V; Kormushev, P
15-Feb-2020Q-switched laser with self-mode-filtering interferometric vortex output couplerGeberbauer, J; Kerridge-Johns, WR; Damzen, MJ;
21-Feb-2020Q-switched vortex laser using a Sagnac interferometer as an output couplerGeberbauer, JWT; Kerridge-Johns, WR; Damzen, MJ; Clarkson, WA; Shori, RK
20-Dec-2017QCD axions and axionlike particles in a two-inflation scenarioHoof, S; Jaeckel, J
2-Jul-2015QD-AMVA: Evaluating Systems with Queue-Dependent Service RequirementsCasale, G; Perez Bernal, J; Wang, W
23-Jun-2015QD-AMVA: Evaluating Systems with Queue-Dependent Service Requirements - DataCasale, G; Perez, JF; Wang, W;
22-Jun-2021QED positivity boundsAlberte, L; De Rham, C; Jaitly, S; Tolley, AJ; , et al
28-Jan-2022QM/MM optimization with quantum coupling: Host–guest interactions in a pentacene-doped p-terphenyl crystalBertoni, A; Fogarty, R; Sanchez, C; Horsfield, A;
1-Sep-2018QMLE: a methodology for statistical inference of service demands from queueing dataWang, W; Casale, G; Kattepur, A; Nambiar, M; , et al
22-Dec-2016QoI-aware Tradeoff Between Communication and Computation in Wireless Ad-hoc NetworksLeung, KK; Nazemi, S; Swami, A;
9-Sep-2011QoS verification and model tuning @ runtimeFilieri, A
1-Jun-2019QPLIB: a library of quadratic programming instancesFurini, F; Traversi, E; Belotti, P; Frangioni, A; Gleixner, A, et al
2-Oct-2020qpv-research-group/solcore5 v5.7.2Pearce, P; Adams, J; Ronaghi, MH; Trevisan, F; Kovyryagin, A, et al
1-Jan-2016QRF: an Optimization-Based Framework for Evaluating Complex Stochastic NetworksCasale, G; De Nitto-Persone, V; Smirni, E
21-Feb-2022QRS micro-fragmentation as a mortality predictorHnatkova, K; Andršová, I; Novotný, T; Britton, A; Shipley, M, et al
25-Feb-2019QRS-T angle predicts cardiac risk and correlates with global longitudinal strain in prevalent hemodialysis patientsSkampardoni, S; Green, D; Hnatkova, K; Malik, M; Kalra, PA, et al
6-Oct-2021QSNET, a network of clock for measuring the stability of fundamental constantsBarontini, G; Boyer, V; Calmet, X; Fitch, NJ; Forgan, EM, et al
29-Mar-2016Quackery Aloe vera, a natural cancer soother?Cathcart, P; Stebbing, J