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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2019$p$ -adic $L$ -functions for $text{GL}_{2}$Barrera Salazar, D; Williams, CD
18-May-2016P- and S-wave delays caused by thermal plumesMaguire, R; Ritsema, J; Van Keken, PE; Fichtner, A; Goes, S
1988P-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy in cancer therapy : a study using transplanted animal tumour modelsBhujwalla, Zaver Murzba
1-Jul-2021P-386 Uterine natural killer cell function in recurrent miscarriage and implantation failure: a systematic reviewGreer, O; Woon, EV; Shah, NM; Johnson, MR; Male, V
1-Jul-2021P-426 Uterine natural killer cells in recurrent miscarriage and implantation failure: an updated systematic review and meta-analysisWoon, EV; Greer, O; Shah, N; Male, V; Johnson, M
20-Jun-2019P-adic asai L-functions of bianchi modular formsWilliams, C; Loeffler, D
Aug-2022p-adic cohomology and arithmetic applications: conference in Banff, 2017Pál, A
Apr-2017P-adic L-functions of Bianchi modular formsWilliams, CD
Aug-2014p-adic Langlands functorialityBuzzard, Kevin; Ludwig, Judith;
1986p-adic number theory and its applications in a cryptographic formGorgui-Naguib, Raouf N.
1-Jan-2009p-automata: acceptors for Markov ChainsHuth, M; Piterman, N; Wagner, D
22-Apr-2013p-channel thin-film transistors based on spray-coated Cu2O filmsPattanasattayavong, P; Thomas, S; Adamopoulos, G; McLachlan, MA; Anthopoulos, TD
1970P-d scattering and the bound state.Dhara, Madhusudan
28-Aug-2019p-Doping of organic hole transport layers in p–i–n perovskite solar cells: correlating open-circuit voltage and photoluminescence quenchingDu, T; Xu, W; Daboczi, M; Kim, J; Xu, S, et al
26-Mar-2020P-model v1.0: an optimality-based light use efficiency model for simulating ecosystem gross primary productionStocker, BD; Wang, H; Smith, NG; Harrison, SP; Keenan, TF, et al
23-Mar-2017P-Multigrid expansion of hybrid multilevel solvers for discontinuous Galerkin finite element discrete ordinate (DG-FEM-SN) diffusion synthetic acceleration (DSA) of radiation transport algorithmsO'Malley, B; Kophazi, J; Smedley-Stevenson, RP; Eaton, MD; , et al
1965P-N junctions in intermetallic semiconductorsBarber, Herbert Douglas
21-Jan-2016P-type semiconductor surfactant modified zinc oxide nanorods for hybrid bulk heterojunction solar cellsBen Dkhil, S; Gaceur, M; Dachraoui, W; Hannani, D; Fall, S, et al
21-Jul-2016p-Value combiners for graphical modelling of EEG data in thefrequency domainSchneider-Luftman, D
1-May-2021P051. Fluorescence guided surgery in breast cancer: A systematic review of the literatureKedrzycki, M; Leiloglou, M; Thiruchelvam, P; Elson, D; Leff, D, et al