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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2019M-ANEOSThompson, SL; Lauson, HS; Melosh, HJ; Collins, G; Stewart, ST
19-Jan-2015M-history without the MDuff, MJ;
7-Aug-2023M-theory moduli from exceptional complex structuresSmith, GR; Waldram, D
18-May-2009M-theory on Calabi-Yau Five-FoldsHaupt, AS; Lukas, A; Stelle, KS;
26-May-2011M-theory on manifolds of G2 holonomy: the first twenty yearsDuff,M.J.
25-Sep-2008M-theory, exceptional generalised geometry and superpotentialsPacheco, PP; Waldram, D;
24-May-1999M-theory/heterotic duality: a Kaluza-Klein perspectiveLu, H; Pope, CN; Stelle, KS
1-Apr-2020M1-like macrophages are potent producers of anti-viral interferons and M1-associated marker-positive lung macrophages are decreased during rhinovirus-induced asthma exacerbationsNikonova, A; Khaitov, M; Jackson, DJ; Traub, S; Trujillo-Torralbo, M-B, et al
6-Apr-2017M1-like monocytes are a major immunological determinant of severity in previously healthy adults with life-threatening influenza.Cole, SL; Dunning, J; Kok, WL; Benam, KH; Benlahrech, A, et al
12-Mar-2018M20/A20 Congestion Prediction with Post-Brexit Border DelaysHan, K; Graham, D; Ochieng, W
28-Jun-2022M2N: mesh movement networks for PDE solversSong, W; Zhang, M; Wallwork, JG; Gao, J; Tian, Z, et al
28-Nov-2022M2N: Mesh movement networks for PDE solversSong, W; Wallwork, JG; Tian, Z; Piggott, MD; Zhang, M, et al
2-Nov-2021M5-branes wrapped on a spindleFerrero, P; Gauntlett, JP; Martelli, D; Sparks, J;
9-Aug-2022M5-branes wrapped on four-dimensional orbifoldsCheung, KCM; Fry, JHT; Gauntlett, JP; Sparks, J;
Jan-2023M6A RNA methylation in diabetes induced endothelial damage and ischaemic diseaseEmanueli, Costanza; Chamorro-Jorganes, Aránzazu; Sweaad, Walid Khalid;
Jun-2020MaaS economics: Should we fight car ownership with subscriptions to alternative modes?Horcher, D; Graham, DJ
31-Dec-2014MAC-centric cross-layer collaboration: a case study on physical-layer network codingSong, Q; Guo, L; Wang, F; Wang, S; Jamalipour, A
1973The macaque monkey : a model for the investigation of adrenocortical steroid metabolism in manSetchell, Kenneth David Reginald
1971The maceration of tissues and killing of cells by Erwinia carotovora and Corticium praticolaHall, Josephine Ann
25-Oct-2018Machinability investigations of Inconel-800 super alloy under sustainable cooling conditionsGupta, MK; Pruncu, C; Mia, M; Singh, G; Singh, S, et al