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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Nov-2015K-Adaptability in Distributionally Robust Binary ProgrammingHanasusanto, GA; Kuhn, D; Wiesemann, W;
Jul-2015K-Adaptability in Two-Stage Distributionally Robust Binary ProgrammingHanasusanto, G; Kuhn, D; Wiesemann, W;
Jun-2020K-adaptability in two-stage mixed-integer robust optimizationSubramanyam, A; Gounaris, C; Wiesemann, W;
1961K-meson nucleon scatteringIslam, Muhammad Munirul
8-Jul-2014K-OPLS package: Kernel-based orthogonal projections to latent structures for prediction and interpretation in feature spaceBylesjo, M; Rantalainen, M; Nicholson, JK; Holmes, E; Trygg, J
13-Dec-2016k-SLAM: Accurate and ultra-fast taxonomic classification and gene identification for large metagenomic datasetsAinsworth, D; Sternberg, MJE; Raczy, C; Butcher, SA;
17-Apr-2015K-Theoretic and Categorical Properties of Toric Deligne--Mumford StacksCoates, T; Iritani, H; Jiang, Y; Segal, E
31-Dec-2015K-theoretic and categorical properties of toric Deligne-Mumford stacksCoates, T; Iritani, H; Jiang, Y; Segal, EP; , et al
26-Jan-2022K-theoretic descendent series for Hilbert schemes of points on surfacesArbesfeld, N;
8-Oct-2020K-theoretic Donaldson-Thomas theory and the Hilbert scheme of points on a surfaceArbesfeld, N
1-Feb-1997The k-variable property is stronger than H-dimension kHodkinson, I; Simon, A
31-Dec-1998K21-antigen: a molecule shared by the microenvironments of the human thymus and germinal centersImami, N; Ladyman, HM; Vincents, B; Al-Tubuly, A; Freysdóttir, J, et al
1991K[0'] production and data acquisition with ALEPHBelk, Andy
1979K[subscript L][degrees]-p interactions between 1 and 20 GeV/CBarrey, R. F. T
1973K[superscript +]n charge exchange scatteringOrr, R. S.
1975K[superscript -] charge exchange scattering on a polarised proton targetWilson, John Allan
1980K[superscript -]proton interactions at 110 GeV / c in a hybrid bubble chamber systemWright, P. R. S.
16-Dec-2021Kalibrot: a simple-to-use Matlab package for robot kinematic calibrationCursi, F; Bai, W; Kormushev, P
1980Kallikrein and its activation in experimental Trypanosoma brucei infections of rabbitsParry, M. G.
28-Jan-2021Kallikrein directly interacts with and activates Factor IX, resulting in thrombin generation and fibrin formation independent of Factor XIKearney, KJ; Butler, J; Posada, OM; Wilson, C; Heal, S, et al