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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2020“I am most grateful...” using gratitude to improve the sense of relatedness and motivation for online volunteerismCalvo, R; Naqshbandi, K; Liu, C; Taylor, S; Lim, R, et al
-“I did not expect the doctor to treat a ghost”: a systematic review of published reports regarding chronic postamputation pain in British First World War veteransDixon Smith, S; Aldington, D; Hay, G; Kumar, A; Le Feuvre, P, et al
Aug-2021“I didn't know I have the capacity to be creative”: children's experiences of how creativity promoted their sense of well-being. A pilot randomised controlled study in school arts therapiesMoula, Z
13-May-2016I hear you eat and speak: automatic recognition of eating condition and food type, use-cases, and impact on ASR performanceHantke, S; Weninger, F; Kurle, R; Ringeval, F; Batliner, A, et al
-‘I Just Wanted to Get it Over and Done With’: A grounded theory of psychological need frustration in video gamesBallou, N; Deterding, S
21-Jan-2019I&I adaptive control for systems with varying parametersChen, K; Astolfi, A
1-Apr-2019'I'd like to report a suspicious looking tree': Public concern, public attention and the nature of reporting about ash dieback in the United KingdomFellenor, J; Barnett, J; Potter, C; Urquhart, J; Mumford, JD, et al
1966I) The synthesis of optically active thiols and related compounds ; and, 2) The oxidation of some thiocarbonatesAnisuzzaman, Abul Kashem Mohammad
1963I, Some mixed oxide systems containing titanium. II, An x-ray structural study of antimony tetroxideSkapski, Andrzej Czeslaw
5-Dec-2016I-branched N-glycans negatively regulate melanoma growth and insulin-like growth factor receptor signalingSweeney, JG; Liang, J; Antonopoulos, A; Giovannone, N; Schaffer, L, et al
1962I. Attempted separation of nitrogen isotopes by chemical exchange ; II. Study of residence-time by chemical reactionsSkoczylas, Henry
12-Mar-2018I16 Nutritional rickets presenting to secondary care in children (<16 years) – a uk surveillance studyBlair, M; Julies, P; Lynn, RM; Pall, K; Leoni, M, et al
-I2-imidazoline ligand CR4056 improves memory, increases ApoE expression and reduces BBB leakage in 5XFAD miceMota, B; Ashburner, N; Abelleira, L; Liu, L; Aleksynas, R, et al
27-Jul-2023I2N: image to nutrients, a sensor guided semi-automated tool for annotation of images for nutrition analysis of eating episodesGhosh, T; McCrory, MA; Marden, T; Higgins, J; Anderson, AK, et al
22-Feb-2018I2T21: Learning text to image synthesis with textual data augmentationDong, H; Zhang, J; McIlwraith, D; Guo, Y
30-Apr-2019I_MDS: an inflammatory bowel disease molecular activity score to classify patients with differing disease-driving pathways and therapeutic response to anti-TNF treatmentPavlidis, S; Monast, C; Loza, MJ; Branigan, P; Chung, KF, et al
4-Apr-2022IA-CCF: Individual accountability for permissioned ledgersPietzuch, P; Shamis, A; Canakci, B; Castro, M; Fournet, C, et al
1-Dec-2019IAFSS agenda 2030 for a fire safe worldMcNamee, M; Meacham, B; Van Hees, P; Bisby, L; Chow, WK, et al
31-Jan-2013IAMhaggler2011: A Gaussian Process Regression Based Negotiation AgentWilliams, CR; Robu, V; Gerding, EH; Jennings, NR