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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Mar-2021F*: an interpretable transformation of the F-measureHand, D; Christen, P; Kirielle, N
8-Feb-2017F-18-FDG PET reveals unique features of large vessel inflammation in patients with Takayasu's arteritisIncerti, E; Tombetti, E; Fallanca, F; Baldissera, EM; Alongi, P, et al
1-Dec-2016F-CNN: An FPGA-based Framework for Training Convolutional Neural NetworksZhao, W; Fu, H; Luk, W; Yu, T; Wang, S, et al
-f-CNNx: a toolflow for mapping multiple convolutional neural networks on FPGAsVenieris, SI; Bouganis, C-S
5-Sep-2020F-E3D: FPGA-based acceleration of an efficient 3D convolutional neural network for human action recognitionFan, H; Luo, C; Zeng, C; Ferianc, M; Que, Z, et al
21-Sep-2016f-MOPSO: an alternative multi-objective PSO algorithm for conjunctive water use managementRezaei, F; Safavi, HR; Mirchi, A; Madani, K
2-Dec-2015F/HN-mediated gene therapy enables lungs to produce therapeutically relevant levels of FVIIIPytel, KM; Paul-Smith, MC; McIntosh, J; Chan, M; Meng, C, et al
13-Aug-2014F1000Research/EcPlusAndroidAanensen, DM; Huntley, D; Menegazzo, M; Powell, CI; Spratt, BG
13-Aug-2014F1000Research/EpiCollectplusAanensen, DM; Huntley, D; Menegazzo, M; Powell, CI; Spratt, BG
22-Apr-2015F2move: fMRI-compatible haptic object manipulation system for closed-loop motor control studiesSylaidi, ANASTASIA; Rente Lourenço, P; Nageshwaran, S; Lin, C-H; Rodriguez, M, et al
26-Mar-2014F9 Fimbriae of uropathogenic Escherichia coli are expressed at low temperature and recognise Gal beta 1-3GlcNAc-containing glycansWurpel, DJ; Totsika, M; Allsopp, LP; Hartley-Tassell, LE; Day, CJ, et al
Sep-2021FA-GAN: fused attentive generative adversarial networks for MRI image super-resolutionJiang, M; Zhi, M; Wei, L; Yang, X; Zhang, J, et al
17-Dec-2017FAAH Inhibitor Improves Function of Inflamed Bladders by Modulation of Anandamide and PalmitoylethanolamideNagy, I; Charrua, A; Matos, R; Marczylo, T; Cruz, F
Jul-2019Fabella prevalence rate increases over 150 years, and rates of other sesamoid bones remain constant: a systematic reviewBerthaume, MA; Di Federico, E; Bull, AMJ;
1-Aug-2004Fabric analysis of allende matrix using EBSDWatt, LE; Bland, PA; Russell, SS; Prior, DJ
1-Dec-2014Fabric and Effective Stress Distribution in Internally Unstable SoilsShire, T; O'Sullivan, C; Hanley, KJ; Fannin, RJ
Sep-2019Fabrication and aplications of graphene hollow fibre membranesLi, Kang; Livingston, Andrew Guy; Chi, Yunsi;
Mar-2016Fabrication and assessment of polymer based photonic structuresStingelin, Natalie; Stavrinou, Paul; Richardson, George;
Apr-2010Fabrication and characterisation of 3-D porous bioactive glass-ceramic/polymer composite scaffolds for tissue engineeringBoccaccini, Aldo; Mohamad Yunos, Darmawati;
2011Fabrication and characterisation of oxide fibre-reinforced glass matrix composites for optomechanical applicationsBoccaccini, Aldo R.; Lee, Bill; Silva, Deborah Desimone;