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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-2019E cigarettes: tar wars: the (tobacco) empire strikes backBush, A; Bhatt, J; Grigg, J
15-Dec-2007E-6 and the bipartite entanglement of three qutritsDuff, MJ; Ferrara, S
15-Jul-2007E-7 and the tripartite entanglement of seven qubitsDuff, MJ; Ferrara, S
15-Jan-2021E-agricultural supply chain management coupled with blockchain effect and cooperative strategiesAlkahtani, M; Khalid, QS; Jalees, M; Omair, M; Hussain, G, et al
1990E-beam lithography and dry processing for submicron fabricationKhaleque, Ferdouse
16-Aug-2017E-cigarette use and support for banning e-cigarette use in public places in the European Union.Laverty, AA; Filippidis, FT; Fernandez, E; Vardavas, CI
14-Jan-2018E-collaborating for environmentally sustainable health curriculaMusaeus, P; Wellbery, C; Walpole, S; Rother, H-A; Vyas, A, et al
20-Apr-2020E-health and multiple sclerosis.Matthews, PM; Block, VJ; Leocani, L; , et al
1-Jan-2016e-Health: a position statement of the European Society of Cardiology.Cowie, MR; Bax, J; Bruining, N; Cleland, JG; Koehler, F, et al
6-Mar-2015E-learning in cardiovascular imaging: another step towards a structured educational approach.Cosyns, B; De Diego, JJ; Stefanidis, A; Galderisi, M; Ernande, L, et al
17-Nov-2011e-Learning – Experience from the Energy Academy distance training projectAngelis-Dimakis, A; Assimacopoulos, D; Mandaraka, M
10-Dec-2012E-peptides control bioavailability of IGF-1Hede, MS; Salimova, E; Piszczek, A; Perlas, E; Winn, N, et al
1976E.L.F. magnetotelluric studies in South West EnglandMatthews, Ronald Bernard
11-May-2017E14a2 BCR-ABL1 transcript is associated with a higher rate of treatment-free remission in persons with chronic myeloid leukemia after stopping tyrosine kinase-inhibitor therapy.Claudiani, S; Apperley, J; Gale, RP; Clark, R; Szydlo, R, et al
9-Jan-2015E2F1-Mediated FOS Induction in Arsenic Trioxide-Induced Cellular Transformation: Effects of Global H3K9 Hypoacetylation and Promoter-Specific Hyperacetylation in VitroRahman, S; Housein, Z; Dabrowska, A; Dolores Mayan, M; Boobis, AR, et al
28-Jun-2017E3 Ubiquitin ligase ZNRF4 negatively regulates NOD2 signalling and induces tolerance to MDPBist, P; Cheong, WS; Ng, A; Dikshit, N; Kim, B-H, et al
1-Jan-2010EA\^ 2: The Winning Strategy for the Inaugural Lemonade Stand Game TournamentSykulski, AM; Chapman, A; Luna, JEMDCF; Jennings, N
11-May-2020EAACI Task force Clinical epidemiology of anaphylaxis: experts’ perspective on the use of adrenaline autoinjectors in EuropeKraft, M; Dölle-Bierke, S; Turner, PJ; Muraro, A; Fernández-Rivas, M, et al
1-Sep-2019EAES and SAGES 2018 consensus conference on acute diverticulitis management: evidence-based recommendations for clinical practiceFrancis, NK; Sylla, P; Abou-Khalil, M; Arolfo, S; Berler, D, et al
10-Nov-2020EAES recommendations for recovery plan in minimally invasive surgery amid COVID-19 pandemicArezzo, A; Francis, N; Mintz, Y; Adamina, M; Antoniou, SA, et al