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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979C R Darwin and J D Hooker : episodes in the history of plant geography, 1840-1860Browne, E. J
Jun-2004(C+)++: An action language for modelling norms and institutionsSergot, M
Nov-2015[C-11] carbon disulfide: a versatile radiolabelling reagent for the development of PET tracersMiller, Philip; Haywood, Thomas;
30-Sep-2018C-3- and C-4-Substituted Bicyclic Coumarin Sulfamates as Potent Steroid Sulfatase InhibitorsGaneshapillai, D; Woo, LWL; Thomas, MP; Purohit, A; Potter, BVL
2009C-Alkyl inositol phosphates for use in receptor-ligand engineeringGaffney, Piers; Swarbrick, Joanna;
1965The C-axis thermal expansion of graphite and its crystal compoundsBottomley, Michael John
1-Sep-2011c-di-AMP Is a New Second Messenger in Staphylococcus aureus with a Role in Controlling Cell Size and Envelope Stress.Corrigan, RM; Abbott, JC; Burhenne, H; Kaever, V; Gr√ľndling, A
Apr-2022C-di-GMP signalling in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: connecting the dots in a multi modal networkFilloux, Alain; Glatzel, Kira;
2010c-Jun N-terminal kinase primes endothelial cells at atheroprone sites for apoptosisEvans, Paul; Chaudhury, Hera Ashraf
14-May-2015c-Kit+ progenitors generate vascular cells for tissue-engineered grafts through modulation of the Wnt/Klf4 pathway.Campagnolo, P; Tsai, TN; Hong, X; Kirton, JP; So, PW, et al
20-Oct-2021C-phycoerythrin from Phormidium persicinum prevents acute kidney injury by attenuating oxidative and endoplasmic reticulum stress.Serrano Contreras, JI; Cano-Europa, E; Blas-Valdivia, V; Rojas Franco, P; Sfriso, AA, et al
30-Dec-2015C-RAM: breaking mobile device memory barriers using the cloudPamboris, A; Pietzuch, P;
22-Dec-2009C-reactive protein concentration and risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and mortality: an individual participant meta-analysisThe Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration
24-Feb-2014C-reactive protein levels in patients at cardiovascular risk: EURIKA studyHalcox, JPJ; Roy, C; Tubach, F; Banegas, JR; Dallongeville, J, et al
29-Nov-2016C-reactive protein prior to myeloablative allogeneic haematopoietic cell transplantation identifies patients at risk of early- and long-term mortalityPatel, A; Szydlo, RM; Auner, HW; Kanfer, EJ; MacDonald, DH, et al
28-Sep-2021C-STICH: Cerclage Suture Type for an Insufficient Cervix and its effect on Health outcomes-a multicentre randomised controlled trialIsrafil-Bayli, F; Morton, VH; Hewitt, CA; Ewer, AK; Gray, J, et al
26-Sep-2017C-T for conformal higher spin fields from partition function on conically deformed sphereBeccaria, M; Tseytlin, AA;
1-Jun-2017C-T for higher derivative conformal fields and anomalies of (1,0) superconformal 6d theoriesBeccaria, M; Tseytlin, AA;
19-Feb-2018C-terminal calcium binding of alpha-synuclein modulates synaptic vesicle interactionLautenschlager, J; Stephens, AD; Fusco, G; Strohl, F; Curry, N, et al
28-Jul-2011C-terminal region of EBNA-2 determines the superior transforming ability of type 1 Epstein-Barr virus by enhanced gene regulation of LMP-1 and CXCR7.Cancian, L; Bosshard, R; Lucchesi, W; Karstegl, CE; Farrell, PJ