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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2019Autophagy inhibition specifically promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition and invasion in RAS-mutated cancer cellsWang, Y; Xiong, H; Liu, D; Hill, C; Ertay, A, et al
23-Mar-2021Autophagy-dependent survival is controlled with a unique regulatory network upon various cellular stress eventsKapuy, O; Holczer, M; Marton, M; Korcsmaros, T
19-Nov-2018Autophagy-Virus Interplay: From Cell Biology to Human DiseaseAhmad, L; Mostowy, S; Sancho-Shimizu, V;
6-Dec-2021AutoProstate: towards automated reporting of prostate MRI for prostate cancer assessment using deep learningMehta, P; Antonelli, M; Singh, S; Grondecka, N; Johnston, EW, et al
7-Apr-2020Autopsy in adults with congenital heart disease (ACHD).Angelini, A; Di Gioia, C; Doran, H; Fedrigo, M; Henriques de Gouveia, R, et al
1-Jun-2022Autotaxin signaling facilitates β cell dedifferentiation and dysfunction induced by Sirtuin 3 deficiencyCao, H; Chung, ACK; Ming, X; Mao, D; Lee, HM, et al
May-2019Autotaxin, bile acid profile and effect of IBAT inhibition in primary biliary cholangitis patients with pruritusHegade, VS; Pechlivanis, A; McDonald, JA; Rees, D; Corrigan, M, et al
Aug-2015Autotitrating non-invasive ventilation (NIV) in patients with hypercapnic ventilatory failureMorrell, Mary; Simonds, Anita; Kelly, Julia Louise;
13-Jun-2016Autotuning control structures for reliability-driven dynamic bindingFilieri, A; Ghezzi, C; Leva, A; Maggio, M
24-May-2018Auxetic cardiac patches with tunable mechanical and conductive properties toward treating myocardial infarctionKapnisi, M; Mansfield, C; Marijon, C; Guex, AG; Perbellini, F, et al
1963Auxin metabolism of etiolated oat seedlingsDattaray, Pratima
21-May-2018Au–Pd NPs immobilised on nanostructured ceriaand titania: impact of support morphology on the catalytic activity for selective oxidationKhawaji, M; Chadwick, D;
1-Sep-2007Availability analysis of post-combustion carbon capture systems: minimum work inputMcGlashan, NR; Marquis, AI
12-Jun-2014Availability and Use of Molecular Microbiological and Immunological Tests for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in EuropeTebruegge, M; Ritz, N; Koetz, K; Noguera-Julian, A; Seddon, JA, et al
1-Oct-2017Availability of computerised medical record system data to compare models of child health care in primary care across EuropeLiyanage, H; Hoang, U; Ferreira, F; Alexander, D; Rigby, M, et al
1953Availability of phosphates in soil in relation to depth of cultivation and fertiliser treatmentBarakat, Mohamed Abdel Fattah.
15-Apr-2020Availability, access, analysis and dissemination of small area dataHodgson, S; Fecht, D; Gulliver, J; Daby, H; Piel, F, et al
6-Jan-2020Availability, accessibility and delivery to patients of the 28 orphan medicines approved by the European Medicine Agency for hereditary metabolic diseases in the MetabERN networkHeard, J-M; Vrinten, C; Schlander, M; Bellettato, CM; Van Lingen, C, et al
14-Jul-2021Availability, formulation, labelling, and price of low-sodium salts worldwideYin, X; Liu, H; Webster, J; Trieu, K; Huffman, MD, et al
21-Dec-2021Availability, healthiness, and price of packaged and unpackaged foods in India: A cross-sectional studyDunford, EK; Farrand, C; Huffman, MD; Raj, TS; Shahid, M, et al