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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2021Automatic generation of personalised skeletal models of the lower limb from three-dimensional bone geometriesModenese, L; Renault, J-B;
28-Dec-2020Automatic Generation of Personalised Skeletal Models of the Lower Limb from Three-Dimensional Bone GeometriesModenese, L; Renault, J-B
Jul-2019Automatic identification of cough events from acoustic signals.Pramono, RXA; Imtiaz, SA; Rodriguez-Villegas, E;
-Automatic identification of snoring and groaning segments in acoustic recordingsKok, X; Imtiaz, SA; Rodriguez Villegas, E;
May-2018Automatic in situ characterization of pore morphology and wettabilityBlunt, Martin J.; Bijeljic, Branko; Alratrout, Ahmed Ahed Marouf;
22-Nov-2018Automatic L3 slice detection in 3D CT images using fully-convolutional networksKanavati, F; Islam, S; Aboagye, EO; Rockall, A;
1988Automatic lineament analysis techniques for remotely sensed imageryOakes, G. D.
10-Sep-2017Automatic Localization of the Lumbar Vertebral Landmarks in CT Images with Context FeaturesDamopoulos, D; Glocker, B; Zheng, G
28-Feb-2020Automatic markerless registration and tracking of the bone for computer-assisted orthopaedic surgeryLiu, H; Rodriguez y Baena, F
20-Feb-2019Automatic materials tracking practices through RFID implementation in construction projectsKasim, N; Sarpin, N; Mohd Noh, H; Zainal, R; Mohamed, S, et al
27-Jul-2017Automatic measurement of contact angle in pore-space imagesAlRatrout, A; Raeini, AQ; Bijeljic, B; Blunt, MJ;
1971An automatic measuring machine for bubble chamber film and its use for a k[superscript +]p experimentPenney, Brian Kenneth
8-Feb-2017Automatic method for estimation of in situ effective contact angle from X-ray micro tomography images of two-phase flow in porous mediaScanziani, A; Singh, K; Blunt, MJ; Guadagnini, A;
1990Automatic methods for program transformationChin, Wei Ngan
1968Automatic methods in diagnostic bacteriologyTrotman, Robert Edward
1-Jul-2020Automatic microsurgical skill assessment based on cross-domain transfer learningZhang, D; Wu, Z; Chen, J; Gao, A; Chen, X, et al
1-Mar-2016Automatic moment-closure approximation of spatially distributed collective adaptive systemsFeng, C; Hillston, J; Galpin, V
15-Jun-2011Automatic morphometry in Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment.Heckemann, RA; Keihaninejad, S; Aljabar, P; Gray, KR; Nielsen, C, et al
Jul-2014Automatic MRI segmentation of the developing neonatal brainRueckert, Daniel; Counsell, Serena; Edwards, David; Makropoulos, Antonios
7-May-2020Automatic nonverbal mimicry detection and analysis in medical video consultationsWu, K; Liu, C; Calvo, RA;