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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jul-2017Type I interferon is required for T helper (Th) 2 induction by dendritic cellsWebb, LM; Lundie, RJ; Borger, JG; Brown, SL; Connor, LM, et al
31-Mar-2021Type I interferons affect the metabolic fitness of CD8+ T cells from patients with systemic lupus erythematosusBotto, M; Buang, N; Tapeng, L; Gray, V; Sardini, A, et al
2-Feb-2022Type I interferons and MAVS signaling are necessary for tissue resident memory CD8+ T cell responses to RSV infectionVarese, A; Nakawesi, J; Farias, A; Kirsebom, F; Paulsen, M, et al
10-Mar-2017Type I interferons as regulators of lung inflammationMakris, S; Paulsen, M; Johansson, C; , et al
7-May-2018Type I interferons in tuberculosis: Foe and occasionally friendMoreira-Teixeira, L; Mayer-Barber, K; Sher, A; O'Garra, A
11-Jun-2007Type I interferons produced by hematopoietic cells protect mice against lethal infection by mammalian reovirus.Johansson, C; Wetzel, JD; He, J; Mikacenic, C; Dermody, TS, et al
1-Apr-1990Type II pneumocytes in mixed cell culture of human lung: a light and electron microscopic studyBingle, L; Bull, TB; Fox, B; Guz, A; Richards, RJ, et al
1-Sep-2018Type II toxin-antitoxin systems and persister cellsHolden, DW; Errington, J
9-Oct-2015Type IIB supergravity solution for the T-dual of the eta-deformed AdS(5) x S-5 superstringHoare, B; Tseytlin, AA;
1-Apr-2011A type III effector protease NleC from enteropathogenic Escherichia coli targets NF-κB for degradation.Pearson, JS; Riedmaier, P; Marchès, O; Frankel, G; Hartland, EL
1-Dec-2021Type III secretion system effector subnetworks elicit distinct host immune responses to infectionSanchez Garrido, J; Alberdi, L; Chatterjee, S; Frankel, G; Mullineaux-Sanders, C, et al
12-Mar-2021Type III secretion system effectors form robust and flexible intracellular virulence networksRuano-Gallego, D; Sanchez-Garrido, J; Kozik, Z; Nunez-Berrueco, E; Cepeda-Molero, M, et al
1-May-2008Type IV pili: e pluribus unum?Pelicic, V
1-Jan-2005Type IV pilus biogenesis in Neisseria meningitidis: PilW is involved in a step occurring after pilus assembly, essential for fibre stability and functionCarbonnelle, E; Helaine, S; Prouvensier, L; Nassif, X; Pelicic, V
1-Jan-2022Type of encoded material and age modulate the relationship between episodic recall of visual perspective and autobiographical memoryKapsetaki, ME; Militaru, IE; Sanguino, I; Boccanera, M; Zaara, N, et al
May-2012Type Systems for Coordination LanguagesEisenbach, Susan; Drossopoulou, Sophia; Cai, Haoxuan
16-Feb-2011Type VI Secretion System in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Secretion and Multimerization of VgrG ProteinsHachani, A; Lossi, NS; Hamilton, A; Jones, C; Bleves, S, et al
11-Jan-2018Type VI secretion systems in plant-associated bacteriaBernal, P; Llamas, MA; Filloux, A; , et al
11-Feb-2016Type-checking Liveness for Collaborative Processes with Bounded and Unbounded RecursionDebois, S; Hildebrandt, T; Slaats, T; Yoshida, N; , et al
1-Jan-2005Typed event structures and the p-calculusVaracca, D; Yoshida, N