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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Upscaling Polymer Flooding in Heterogeneous ReservoirsLee, Jun
Sep-2016Upscaling polymer flooding to model sub-grid block geological heterogeneity and compensate for numerical dispersionKing, Peter; Aldhuwaihi, Abdulaziz;
Jan-1982Upsetting of hollow flanged components.Shahmoradi, Seyed Abbas
3-Aug-2017Upstairs, Downstairs: Atrial and Ventricular Cardiac Myocytes from Human Pluripotent Stem CellsSchneider, MD
Aug-2009Upstream Transients at Planetary Bow ShocksSchwartz, Steven; Billingham, Laurence;
1-Nov-2018Upsurge in echovirus 30 detections in five EU/EEA countries, April to September, 2018Broberg, EK; Simone, B; Jansa, J; Contributors, TEUEEAMS
7-Oct-2020Uptake and accessibility of surgical robotics in EnglandLam, K; Clarke, J; Purkayastha, S; Kinross, JM; , et al
1990Uptake and distribution of test compounds by spores of fungal pathogensWallace, D.J.
27-Sep-2018Uptake and effectiveness of influenza vaccine in those aged 65 years and older in the United Kingdom, influenza seasons 2010/11 to 2016/17Pebody, RG; Warburton, F; Andrews, N; Sinnathamby, M; Yonova, I, et al
1989Uptake and effects of herbicides on the lawn moss Rhytidiadelphus squarrosusMabb, Lynette Patrice
1-Oct-2015Uptake and impact of vaccinating school age children against influenza during a season with circulation of drifted influenza A and B strains, England, 2014/15Pebody, RG; Green, HK; Andrews, N; Boddington, NL; Zhao, H, et al
-Uptake and metabolism of four isomers of dinitrotoluene in A. thaliana and their sequestration in feeding aphids: a phytoremediation perspectiveRossiter, John; Nisar, Numrah
1-Nov-2018Uptake and radiological findings of screening cerebral magnetic resonance scans in patients with hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasiaFatania, G; Gilson, C; Glover, A; Alsafi, A; Jackson, JE, et al
1976The uptake and utilisation of amino acids by mammalsDavies, Michael Graham
30-Jul-2018Uptake of Australia's health star rating systemJones, A; Shahid, M; Neal, B
16-Jun-2020Uptake of Australia's Health Star Rating System 2014-2019Shahid, M; Neal, B; Jones, A
3-Apr-2018Uptake of e cigarettes among a nationally representative cohort of UK childrenLaverty, AA; Vamos, EP; Filippidis, F
22-May-2017Uptake of HIV testing in Burkina Faso: an assessment of individual and community-level determinantsKirakoya-Samadoulougou, F; Jean, K; Maheu-Giroux, M
4-Dec-2012Uptake of Home-Based Voluntary HIV Testing in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisSabapathy, K; Van den Bergh, R; Fidler, S; Hayes, R; Ford, N
1972The uptake of labelled decamethonium in skeletal muscleHumphrey, Patrick Paul Anthony