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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2018Two-dimensional pulse dynamics and the formation of bound states on electrified falling filmsBlyth, MG; Tseluiko, D; Lin, T-S; Kalliadasis, S
31-Jul-2016Two-dimensional SCFTs from D3-branesBenini, F; Bobev, N; Crichigno, PM
7-Apr-2017Two-dimensional simulation of quantum reflectionGaliffi, E; Suenderhauf, C; DeKieviet, M; Wimberger, S
20-Feb-2015Two-dimensional spectroscopy for the study of ion coulomb crystals.Lemmer, A; Cormick, C; Schmiegelow, CT; Schmidt-Kaler, F; Plenio, MB
1973The two-dimensional turbulent mixing of density stratfield flows in a moving airstreamBass, J. H.
25-Jul-2019Two-dimensional unsteadiness map of oblique shock wave/boundary layer interaction with sidewallsRabey, P; Jammy, SP; Bruce, P; Sandham, N
Nov-2016Two-dimensional wide band gap semiconductors for deep UV photonicsMoram, Michelle; Rusydi, Andrivo; Kahn, Kevin;
16-May-2017Two-fluid modeling of cratering in a particle bed by a subsonic turbulent jetLaMarche, CQ; Benavides Moran, A; Van Wachem, B; Curtis, JS
1990Two-fluid models of turbulence for axi-symmetrical jets and spraysFueyo, Norberto
2-Feb-2017Two-layer electrified pressure-driven flow in topographically structured channelsDubrovina, E; Craster, RV; Papageorgiou, DT;
1983Two-phase auto-piloted synchronous motors and actuatorsRodrigues, A. L. S.
13-Dec-2017Two-phase characterization for turbulent dispersion of sprays: A review of optical techniquesSahu, S; Manish, M; Hardalupas, I; Basu, S; Agarwal, AK, et al
Apr-2016Two-phase flow behaviour and relative permeability between CO2 and brine in sandstones at the pore and core scalesKrevor, Sam; Reynolds, Catriona Anne;
1981Two-phase flow in the freeboard of a fluidised bedLevy, Y.
1984Two-phase flow predictions by a time-marching methodMubarak, L. A. R.
Jan-1981Two-phase flow with heat transfer in helically-coiled tubes.Ishida, Kenji
19-Sep-2017Two-Phase Fluidized Bed Model for Pressurized Carbonation Kinetics of Calcium OxideYao, JG; Fennell, PS; Maitland, GC; Zhang, Z; Sceats, M
May-2020Two-phase thermofluidic engines for low-grade heat recovery: system analysis and supporting algorithmsChachuat, Benoit; Wang, Yukun
1-Feb-2015Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy of Corneal Riboflavin Absorption Through an Intact EpitheliumGore, DM; French, P; O'Brart, D; Dunsby, C; Allan, BD
Aug-2017Two-photon minimal inertia scanning patterns for fast acquisition of calcium dynamicsSchultz, Simon; Schuck, Renaud;