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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jul-2021uDALES: large-eddy-simulation software for urban flow, dispersion, and microclimate modellingGrylls, T; Suter, I; Sützl, B; Owens, S; Meyer, D, et al
1990Udp- sugar metabolism in swarm rat chondrosarcoma chondrocytes.Sweeney, Christine
10-Dec-2015UDRF: Multi-resource Fairness for Complex Jobs with Placement ConstraintsTahir; Yang; Koliousis; McCann
15-Jul-2020UHPLC-MS-Based lipidomic and metabonomic investigation of the metabolic phenotypes of wild type and hepatic CYP reductase null (HRN) miceGray, N; Gethings, LA; Plumb, RS; Wilson, ID
12-May-2017UK anaesthetists' perspectives and experiences of severe perioperative anaphylaxis: NAP6 baseline surveyKemp, HI; Cook, TM; Thomas, M; Harper, NJN
31-Mar-2010The UK bio-energy resource base to 2050: estimates, assumptions, and uncertaintiesSlade, R; Bauen, A; Gross, R
1-Feb-2016UK Biobank's cardiovascular magnetic resonance protocol.Petersen, SE; Matthews, PM; Francis, JM; Robson, MD; Zemrak, F, et al
31-Mar-2015UK Biobank: An Open Access Resource for Identifying the Causes of a Wide Range of Complex Diseases of Middle and Old AgeSudlow, C; Gallacher, J; Allen, N; Beral, V; Burton, P, et al
Apr-2021UK Chiari 1 Study: protocol for a prospective, observational, multicentre studyPiper, RJ; Afshari, FT; Soon, WC; Kolias, AG; Dyson, EW, et al
3-Oct-2018UK clinical experience up to 52 weeks with linaclotide for irritable bowel syndrome with constipationYiannakou, Y; Agrawal, A; Allen, PB; Arebi, N; Brown, SR, et al
1-Jul-2016UK government should fund stop smoking media campaigns not give tax breaks to films with smoking imageryHopkinson, NS; Millett, C; Glantz, S; Arnott, D; McNeill, A
1-Oct-2021UK house prices and three decades of decline in the risk-free real interest rateMiles, D; Monro, V
1-Dec-2018UK Immunotherapy Study: reanalysis by a combined symptom and medication scoreFrew, AJ; Ljørring, C; Wolf, H; Wüstenberg, E; Durham, SR, et al
1-Aug-2014UK Innovation Index 2014Goodridge, PR
31-Jul-2012UK Innovation Index: productivity and growth in UK industriesHaskel, J; Goodridge, P; Wallis, G
5-Aug-2014UK innovation support for energy demand reductionHannon, M; Skea, J; Hammond, G
12-Dec-2016UK intangible investment and growth: new measures of UK investment in knowledge assets and intellectual property rightsGoodridge, PR; Haskel, J; Wallis, G;
27-Feb-2014UK investment in intangible assets: Report for NESTAHaskel, J; Goodridge, P; Wallis, G
26-Nov-2014UK Local Authority engagement with the Energy Service Company (ESCo) model: key characteristics, benefits, limitations and considerationsHannon, M; Bolton, RJ
8-Dec-2015UK Lung Cancer RCT Pilot Screening Trial: baseline findings from the screening arm provide evidence for the potential implementation of lung cancer screeningField, JK; Duffy, SW; Baldwin, DR; Whynes, DK; Devaraj, A, et al