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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1965The turbulent mixing of a two-dimensional jet of foreign gas with a moving air streamEl-Ehwany, Adel Abdel Malek Meckael
1971Turbulent mixing of gas streamsPeerless, S
1977Turbulent natural and forced convection in plumes and cavitiesIderiah, Felix Joseph Kio
1990Turbulent Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows in a stirred reactorHockey, Randal Myles
1979Turbulent plume dispersalEl Tahry, S. H.
Sep-2020Turbulent plumes in a uniform crosswindvan Reeuwijk, Maarten; Vassilicos, Christos; Jordan, Owen Huw;
1984The turbulent separating boundary layer and downstream wakeThompson, B. E.
1971Turbulent separation in hypersonic flowElfstrom, Gary Macdonald
-Turbulent skin-friction reduction by wavy surfacesGhebali, S; Chernyshenko, SI; Leschziner, MA;
1990Turbulent slender flow calculationsGoh, Eng Yew
1972Turbulent swirling flows with recirculationRoberts, Lancian Willett
7-Nov-2016Turbulent transport and entrainment in jets and plumes: A DNS studyVan Reeuwijk, M; Sallizoni, P; Hunt, GR; Craske, J
1972Turbulent transport in a crop canopyLegg, Brian James
23-Jun-2014Turbulent transport in premixed flames approaching extinctionGoh, KHH; Geipel, P; Lindstedt, RP
1974Turbulent transport properties in swirling two-dimensional boundary layersKoo Sin Lin, Marc L.
1967The turbulent wall jet, its development and film cooling effectivenessNicoll, William Burns
1970The turbulent, compressible boundary layer with heat and mass transferSivasegaram, Sivanandam
Oct-2021Turbulent/turbulent Entrainment: a detailed examination of entrainment, and the behaviour of the outer interface as affected by background turbulenceBuxton, Oliver; Kankanwadi, Krishna S;
26-Aug-2015Turing-like instabilities from a limit cycle.Challenger, JD; Burioni, R; Fanelli, D
28-Jul-2021Turn on, tune in, and drop out: predictors of attrition in a prospective observational cohort study on psychedelic useHübner, S; Haijen, E; Kaelen, M; Carhart-Harris, R; Kettner, HS