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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-May-2016Up regulation of TLR4 expression in leukocytes of co-infected HIV/ TB patientsMortaz, E; Garssen, J; Marjani, M; Varahram, M; Velayati, AA, et al
1-Mar-2022Up to no good? Gender, social impact work and employee promotionsBode, C; Rogan, M; Singh, J
21-Aug-2015Up-regulation of steroid biosynthesis by retinoid signaling: Implications for agingManna, PR; Stetson, CL; Daugherty, C; Shimizu, I; Syapin, PJ, et al
15-Mar-2019Upcoding of clinical information to meet appropriate use criteria for percutaneous coronary interventionRajkumar, CA; Suh, WM; Francis, DP
12-Apr-2019Upcycling a Plastic Cup: One-Pot Synthesis of Lactate Containing Metal Organic Frameworks from Polylactic AcidSlater, B; Wong, S-O; Duckworth, A; White, AJP; Hill, MR, et al
28-Jun-2019Upcycling a plastic cup: one-pot synthesis of lactate containing metal organic frameworks from polylactic acidSlater, B; Wong, S-O; Duckworth, A; White, AJP; Hill, MR, et al
15-Jul-2020Update in Asthma 2019Saglani, S; Wisnivesky, JP; Charokopos, A; Pascoe, CD; Halayko, AJ, et al
1-Jul-2019Update in asthma/airway inflammation 2018Menzies-Gow, A; McBrien, CN; Baker, JR; Donnelly, LE; Cohen, RT
15-Aug-2017Update in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 2016Allinson, JP; Wedzicha, JA
21-May-2017Update in Interstitial Lung Disease 2016Wells, AU; Maher, TM
Jun-2019Update of screening and diagnostic modalities for connective tissue disease-associated pulmonary arterial hypertensionYoung, A; Nagaraja, V; Basilious, M; Habib, M; Townsend, W, et al
1-May-2018Update on Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae ‐ knowledge, gaps and challengesSassu, E; Bosse, JT; Tobias, TJ; Gottschalk, M; Langford, PR, et al
10-Mar-2017Update on biomarkers to monitor clinical efficacy response during and post treatment in allergen immunotherapyKouser, L; Kappen, J; Walton, RP; Shamji, MH
17-Oct-2014Update on C3 glomerulopathyBarbour, TD; Ruseva, MM; Pickering, MC;
26-Sep-2019Update on clinical aspects of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseCelli, BR; Wedzicha, JA
19-Jun-2020Update on house dust mite allergen avoidance measures for asthmaZuiani, C; Custovic, A
2-Oct-2018Update on neutrophil function in severe inflammationMortaz, E; Alipoor, S; Adcock, IM; Mumby, S; Koenderman, L, et al
26-Apr-2022Update on the coordinated efforts of looking after the health care needs of children and young people fleeing the conflict zone of Ukraine presenting to European emergency departments—a joint statement of the European society for emergency paediatrics and the European academy of paediatricsNijman, RG; Bressan, S; Brandenberger, J; Kaur, D; Keitel, K, et al
30-Sep-2015Update on the diagnosis and management of gestational trophoblastic disease.Ngan, HY; Seckl, MJ; Berkowitz, RS; Xiang, Y; Golfier, F, et al
30-Nov-2011Update on the third international stroke trial (IST-3) of thrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke and baseline features of the 3035 patients recruitedSandercock, P; Lindley, R; Wardlaw, J; Dennis, M; Innes, K, et al