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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Apr-2018Unusual fungal infection in adults chronic granulomatous diseasesMortaz, E; Garssen, J; Roos, D; Adcock, I; Tabarsi, P, et al
12-Jun-2015Unusual Galactic Cosmic Ray Intensity and Spectral Changes Observed by V1 Near The HeliopauseWebber, WR; Quenby, JJ
14-Jun-2021Unusual localization of blood-borne loa loa microfilariae in the skin depends on microfilarial density in the blood: Implications for onchocerciasis diagnosis in coendemic areas.Niamsi-Emalio, Y; Nana-Djeunga, HC; Chesnais, CB; Pion, SDS; Tchatchueng-Mbougua, JB, et al
1-Jan-2009Unusual regiodivergence in metal-catalysed intramolecular cyclisation of gamma-allenolsArbour, JL; Rzepa, HS; White, AJP; Hii, KKM
9-Jun-2010Unusual Reversal of Enantioselectivity in the Proline-Mediated alpha-Amination of Aldehydes Induced by Tertiary Amine AdditivesBlackmond, DG; Moran, A; Hughes, M; Armstrong, A
1-Dec-2017Unusual scaling laws for plasmonic nanolasers beyond the diffraction limit.Wang, S; Wang, X-Y; Li, B; Chen, H-Z; Wang, Y-L, et al
30-Aug-2019Unusual skull base metastasis from neuroendocrine tumor: a case reportLim, KHJ; Valle, JW; Lamarca, A
3-May-2019UNVEIL: capture and visualise WiFi data leakagesJain, S; Bensaid, E; De Montjoye, Y-A
20-Jun-2017Unveiling extreme anisotropy in elastic structured mediaLefebvre, G; Antonakakis, T; Achaoui, Y; Craster, RV; Guenneau, S, et al
11-Oct-2017Unveiling the Influence of pH on the Crystallization of Hybrid Perovskites, Delivering Low Voltage Loss PhotovoltaicsNoel, NK; Congiu, M; Ramadan, AJ; Fearn, S; McKeekin, DP, et al
30-Apr-2019Unveiling the mechanisms of solid-state dewetting in Solid Oxide Cells with novel 2D electrodesSong, B; Bertei, A; Wang, X; Cooper, S; Ruiz-Trejo, E, et al
1-Aug-2015Unveiling the origin of third harmonic generation in hybrid ITO-plasmonic crystalsMaier, SA; Aouani, H; Rahmani, M; Navarro, M
28-Aug-2018Unveiling the outstanding oxygen mass transport properties of Mn-rich perovskites in grain boundary-dominated La0.8Sr0.2(Mn1-xCox)(0.85)O-3 +/-delta nanostructuresSaranya, AM; Morata, A; Pla, D; Burriel, M; Chiabrera, F, et al
19-Mar-2021Unveiling the planet population at birthRogers, JG; Owen, JE;
1-Mar-2017Unwarranted Variation in the Quality of Care for Patients With Diseases of the Thoracic AortaBottle, A; Mariscalco, G; Shaw, MA; Benedetto, U; Saratzis, A, et al
13-May-2016Up regulation of TLR4 expression in leukocytes of co-infected HIV/ TB patientsMortaz, E; Garssen, J; Marjani, M; Varahram, M; Velayati, AA, et al
1-Mar-2022Up to no good? Gender, social impact work and employee promotionsBode, C; Rogan, M; Singh, J
21-Aug-2015Up-regulation of steroid biosynthesis by retinoid signaling: Implications for agingManna, PR; Stetson, CL; Daugherty, C; Shimizu, I; Syapin, PJ, et al
15-Mar-2019Upcoding of clinical information to meet appropriate use criteria for percutaneous coronary interventionRajkumar, CA; Suh, WM; Francis, DP
12-Apr-2019Upcycling a Plastic Cup: One-Pot Synthesis of Lactate Containing Metal Organic Frameworks from Polylactic AcidSlater, B; Wong, S-O; Duckworth, A; White, AJP; Hill, MR, et al