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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2019Tuning the graphene band gap by thermodynamic control of molecular self-assembly on grapheneHarrison, Nicholas; Haynes, Peter; Hildebrand, Mariana
13-Feb-2013Tuning the metamagnetism of an antiferromagnetic metalStaunton, JB; Dias, MDS; Peace, J; Gercsi, Z; Sandeman, KG
15-Mar-2020Tuning the periodic V-peeling behavior of elastic tapes applied to thin compliant substratesMenga, N; Dini, D; Carbone, G;
9-Sep-2015Tuning the relaxation rates of dual mode T1/T2 nanoparticle contrast agents: a study into the ideal systemLong, NJ; Stasiuk, G; Gallo, J; Bañobre-López2, M; Keasberry, N, et al
1-Dec-2011Tuning the Resonant Frequency and Damping of an Electromagnetic Energy Harvester Using Power ElectronicsMitcheson, PD; Toh, TT; Wong, KH; Burrow, SG; Holmes, AS
13-Jun-2017Tuning the sensitivity of fluorescent porphyrin dimers to viscosity and temperatureVysniauskas, A; Ding, D; Qurashi, M; Boczarow, I; Balaz, M, et al
22-Jun-2020Tuning the thermoelectrical properties of anthracene-based self-assembled monolayersCohen, L;
23-Aug-2018Tuning the upconversion photoluminescence lifetimes of NaYF4:Yb3+, Er3+ through lanthanide Gd3+ dopingQin, H; Wu, D; Sathian, J; Xie, X; Ryan, M, et al
19-Oct-2018Tuning thermally treated graphitic carbon nitride for H₂ evolution and CO₂ photoreduction: The effects of material properties and mid-gap statesDias, E; Christoforidis, K; Francas, L; Petit, C; , et al
Jan-1996Tunnelling through quantum dots with Coulomb interaction.Pals, Pieter
May-2020Tuoris: A middleware for visualizing dynamic graphics in scalable resolution display environmentsMartínez, V; Fernando, S; Molina-Solana, M; Guo, Y;
1979Turbocharger and diesel engine matching using aerodynamic compressor performance controlsKyrtatos, M.
1-Jan-2015Turbocharger Matching Method for Reducing Residual Concentration in a Turbocharged Gasoline EngineIsmail, MI; Costall, A; Martinez-Botas, R; Rajoo, S
30-Apr-2018Turbocharging Monte Carlo pricing for the rough Bergomi modelMcCrickerd, R; Pakkanen, MS
2-Jul-2019Turbomachinery degradation monitoring using adaptive trend analysisZagorowska, M; Ditlefsen, A-M; Thornhill, NF; Skourup, C; , et al
1979Turbulence and turbulent combustion in spark ignition enginesChan, Nyein
Aug-2017Turbulence cascade in an inhomogeneous turbulent flowVassilicos, John Christos; Papadakis, George; Alves Portela, Felipe;
-Turbulence control for drag reduction with active wall deformationMorrison, J.F.; Sherwin, S.J.; Kirby, Mike; Koberg, Wolfgang Henrik T.;
31-Dec-2018Turbulence dissipation and the role of coherent structures in the near wake of a square prismAlves Portela, F; Papadakis, G; Vassilicos, JC;
Oct-2017Turbulence generated by multiscale inhomogeneous and anisotropic gridsVassilicos, Christos; Graham, Mike; Bruce, Paul; Zheng, Shaokai;