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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2016Tough ionogel-in-mask hybrid gel electrolytes in supercapacitors with durable pressure and thermal tolerancesLiu, X; Wu, B; Brandon, NP; Wang, Q
1-Jun-2010Tough nanoparticle-modified polymersKinloch, AJ; Johnsen, BB; Sohn Lee, J; Mohammed, RD; Taylor, AC, et al
Jan-2015Tough natural-fibre compositesKinloch, Anthony; Taylor, Ambrose; Techapaitoon, Mana;
15-Jul-2015Tough, natural-fibre composites based upon epoxy matricesKinloch, AJ; Taylor, AC; Techapaitoon, M; Teo, WS; Sprenger, S
18-Oct-2013Toughened and machinable glass matrix composites reinforced with graphene and graphene-oxide nano plateletsPorwal, H; Tatarko, P; Grasso, S; Hu, C; Boccaccini, AR, et al
17-Oct-2016Toughened carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites with nanoparticle modified epoxy matricesCarolan, D; Ivankovic, A; Kinloch, AJ; Sprenger, S; Taylor, AC, et al
1-Nov-2018Toughening and stiffening of starch food extrudates through the addition of cellulose fibres and mineralsSkamniotis, C; Patel, Y; Elliott, M; Charalambides, M;
27-Jul-2014Toughening by plastic cavitation around cylindrical particles and fibresWilliams, JG; Blackman, BRK; Steininger, H; Zuo, K
1-Jun-2003Toughening epoxy adhesives to meet today's challengesKinloch, AJ
Jul-2013Toughening Epoxy Polymers and Carbon Fibre Composites with Core-Shell Particles, Block Copolymers and Silica NanoparticlesTaylor, Ambrose; Chen, Jing
5-May-2019Toughening epoxy syntactic foams with milled carbon fibres: mechanical properties and toughening mechanismsHe, S; Carolan, D; Fergusson, A; Taylor, AC
Feb-2015Toughening mechanisms of block copolymer and graphene nanoplatelet modified epoxy polymersTaylor, Ambrose; Kinloch, Anthony; Chong, Huang Ming
Nov-2020Toughening mechanisms of modified epoxy syntactic foamsTaylor, Ambrose; Blackman, Bamber; He, Sammy Chee Chew;
15-Dec-2006Toughening mechanisms of nanoparticle-modified epoxy polymersJohnsen, BB; Kinloch, AJ; Mohammed, RD; Taylor, AC; Sprenger, S
Apr-2010Toughening mechanisms of silica nanoparticle-modified epoxy polymersKinloch, AJ; Taylor, Ambrose; Masania, Kunal;
6-May-2016Toughening of epoxy-based hybrid nanocompositesKinloch, AJ; Carolan, D; Ivankovic, A; Sprenger, S; Taylor, AC, et al
Jun-2018Toughening of natural-fibre composites using nano- and microcrystalline cellulose particlesKinloch, Anthony J.; Taylor, Ambrose C.; Pimenta, Soraia; Deng, Xinying;
-Toughening performance of glass fibre composites with core-shell rubber and silica nanoparticle modified matricesTaylor, AC; Awang Ngah, S
1-Aug-2003Toughening structural adhesives via nano- and micro-phase inclusionsKinloch, AJ; Lee, JH; Taylor, AC; Sprenger, S; Eger, C, et al
2013Toughness and strength of recycled composites and their virgin precursorsPinho, Silvestre; Pimenta, Soraia;