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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2021Updates to Spectrum’s Case Surveillance and Vital Registration tool for HIV estimates and projectionsMahiane, SG; Eaton, J; Glaubius, R; Case, KK; Sabin, K, et al
1-Nov-2014Updates to the Spectrum model to estimate key HIV indicators for adults and childrenStover, J; Andreev, K; Slaymaker, E; Gopalappa, C; Sabin, K, et al
14-Jul-2016Updates to the zoonotic niche map of Ebola virus disease in AfricaPigott, DM; Millear, AI; Earl, L; Morozoff, C; Han, BA, et al
3-Feb-2017Updating irradiated graphite disposal: Project ‘GRAPA’ and the international decommissioning network.Ojovan, M; Wickham, AJ; Steinmetz, HJ; O'Sullivan, P
17-Nov-2015Upgrading flax nonwovens: nanocellulose as binder to produce rigid and robust flax fibre preformsFortea-Verdejo, M; Lee, K-Y; Zimmermann, T; Bismarck, A
16-Dec-2015Upgrading marine ecosystem restoration using ecological-social conceptsAbelson, A; Halpern, BS; Reed, DC; Orth, RJ; Kendrick, GA, et al
14-Sep-2016Upholding science in health, safety and environmental risk assessments and regulationsAschner, M; Autrup, HN; Berry, SC; Boobis, AR; Cohen, SM, et al
Oct-2016A UPLC-MS based exploration of the xenobiotic and endogenous metabolic phenotypes of pre-clinical models of hepatotoxicityCoen, Muireann; Want, Elizabeth; Nicholson, Jeremy; Grant, Isobelle Jean;
Jun-2018Uplift and erosion histories of ancient and modern landscapes: examples from the North Sea, Iceland, and MarsRoberts, Gareth; Jackson, Chris; Stucky de Quay, Gaia;
16-Dec-2009Uplift histories from river profilesPritchard, D; Roberts, GG; White, NJ; Richardson, CN
17-Jun-2015Uplift histories of Africa and Australia from linear inverse modeling of drainage inventoriesRudge, JF; Roberts, GG; White, NJ; Richardson, CN
11-Jun-2018Uplink performance analysis of a drone cell in a random field of ground interferersAzari, MM; Rosas, F; Chiumento, A; Ligata, A; Pollin, S
Oct-2014Upper airways microbiota profiling in a case/control study between wheezing and healthy children from the tropics of EcuadorMoffatt, Miriam; Cardenas-Aldaz, Paul;
Jul-2017Upper and lower bounds for singularly perturbed linear quadratic optimal control problemsParpas, Panos; Rustem, Berc; Howe, Sei
26-Mar-2018Upper bound analysis of differential velocity sideways extrusion process for curved profiles using a fan-shaped flow line modelZhou, W; Shi, Z; Lin, J;
27-Jan-2016Upper bound on neutrino mass based on T2K neutrino timing measurementsAbe, K; Adam, J; Aihara, H; Akiri, T; Andreopoulos, C, et al
1-Mar-2003Upper bounds for the number of quantum clones under decoherenceMaruyama, K; Knight, PL
1971Upper cretaceous planktonic foraminifera from the Zubair - Rumaila Fields, Basrah Area, Southern IraqDarmoian, Solak A
20-Sep-2016Upper Limb Evaluation in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Fat-Water Quantification by MRI, Muscle Force and Function Define Endpoints for Clinical Trials.Ricotti, V; Evans, MR; Sinclair, CD; Butler, JW; Ridout, DA, et al
17-May-2016Upper limit of the electrocaloric peak in lead-free ferroelectric relaxor ceramicsLe Goupil, F; Alford, NM;