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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1970Transference numbers in ethylene glycolDos Santos, Maria Do Carmo Macara Nunes
1965Transference numbers in formamide solutionsNotley, John Michael
1981Transference numbers of electrolyte solutionsWright, A. C.
1974Transference numbers of symmetrical aqueous electrolytesKumarasinghe, Sudath
1967Transference numbers of weak electrolyte solutionsShamim, Mohammad
24-Jun-2019Transferrin gene ChIP-seq dataArgemi, J; Bataller, R; Shah, V; Cao, S; Thursz, M, et al
7-Jan-2019Transferrin receptor 2 controls bone mass and pathological bone formation via BMP and Wnt signalingRauner, M; Baschant, U; Roetto, A; Pellegrino, RM; Rother, S, et al
13-Nov-2017Transferring end-to-end visuomotor control from simulation to real world for a multi-stage taskJames, S; Davison, A; Johns, E
7-Jan-2019Transferring visuomotor learning from simulation to the real world for robotics manipulation tasksNguyen, P; Fischer, T; Chang, HJ; Pattacini, U; Metta, G, et al
Jan-1990Transform coding of images based on shape adaptive models.Yanbin, Yu
1979Transform coding techniques for low-bit-rate speech communicationAshouri, M. R
20-Jul-2016TRANSFoRm eHealth solution for quality of life monitoring.Saganowski, S; Misiaszek, A; Bródka, P; Andreasson, A; Curcin, V, et al
1-Mar-2018Transformation asymmetry and the evolution of the bacterial accessory genomeCroucher, NJ; Apagyi, KJ; Fraser, C;
23-Mar-2017Transformation diffusion reconstruction of three-dimensional histology volumes from two-dimensional image stacksCasero, R; Siedlecka, U; Jones, ES; Gruscheski, L; Gibb, M, et al
28-Oct-2021Transformation of cyanobacterial biomolecules by iron oxides during flash pyrolysis: Implications for Mars life detection missionsRoyle, S; Watson, JS; Sephton, M;
20-Jun-2014Transformation optics and hidden symmetriesKraft, M; Pendry, JB; Maier, SA; Luo, Y
Aug-2012Transformation Optics Applied to PlasmonicsPendry, John; Luo, Yu;
15-Sep-2018Transformation optics approach to singular metasurfacesYang, F; Huidobro, PA; Pendry, JB; , et al
13-May-2010Transformation Optics for PlasmonicsHuidobro, PA; Nesterov, ML; Martín-Moreno, L; García-Vidal, FJ
5-Jul-2016Transformation Optics: A Time- and Frequency-Domain Analysis of Electron-Energy Loss Spectroscopy.Kraft, M; Luo, Y; Pendry, JB; , et al