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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Nov-2017Universal or targeted approach to prevent the transmission of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in intensive care units: a cost-effectiveness analysisKardaś-Słoma, L; Lucet, J-C; Perozziello, A; Pelat, C; Birgand, G, et al
14-Mar-2019Universal PDDL Parser - Multiagent ExtensionFurelos Blanco, D; Frances, G; Jonsson, A
Jun-2021Universal probabilistic generative models for non-Gaussian signalsMandic, Danilo; Li, Shengxi;
Aug-2018Universal screening at age 1–2 years as an adjunct to cascade testing for familial hypercholesterolaemia in the UK: A cost-utility analysisMcKay, AJ; Hogan, H; Humphries, S; Marks, D; Ray, K, et al
22-May-2015Universal set of gates for microwave dressed-state quantum computingMikelsons, G; Cohen, I; Retzker, A; Plenio, MB
2011The Universal Stress Proteins of BacteriaWilliams, Huw; Bradley, Dominic
5-Sep-2017Universal testing of colorectal cancer for deficient mismatch repair - a new era has arrived.Clark, S
31-Dec-2004Universal three-way few-electron switch using single-electron transistorsHe, J,; Durrani, Z,; Ahmed, H,
26-Aug-2020Universality class for a nonequilibrium state of matter: A d = 4 − ε expansion study of Malthusian flocksChen, L; Lee, CF; Toner, J
6-Apr-2020Universality classes and information-theoretic measures of complexity via group entropiesJensen, H
6-Jan-2015Universality in ant behaviourChristensen, K; Papavassiliou, D; de Figueiredo, A; Franks, NR; Sendova-Franks, AB
10-Aug-2015Universality in four-dimensional random-field magnetsFytas, NG; Theodorakis, PE
1-Nov-2012Universality of Performance Indicators based on Citation and Reference CountsEvans, TS; Hopkins, N; Kaube, BS
4-Feb-2019Universality of Toda equation in superconformal field theoriesBourget, A; Rodriguez-Gomez, D; Russo, JG
31-Jul-2008A Universe-Type-Based Verification Technique for Mutable Static Fields and Methods (Work in Progress)Summers, A; Drossopoulou, S; Müller, P
3-Sep-2007Universes for Race SafetyCunningham, D; Eisenbach, S; Drossopoulou, S
1-Jan-2020University lecturers’ construction of the ‘ideal’ undergraduate studentWong, B; Chiu, YLT
2007University spinouts : an escalation of commitment and organisational learning perspectiveChugh, Harveen
1-Dec-2007University-industry relationships and open innovation: Towards a research agendaPerkmann, M; Walsh, K
1-Dec-2018Unleashing talent in mental health sciences: gender equality at the topBreedvelt, JJF; Rowe, S; Bowden-Jones, H; Shridhar, S; Lovett, K, et al