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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Turbulent flow in a rectangular duct with an obliquely-introduced secondary jetSimitovic, Rustem
1979Turbulent flow in an idealized wing-body junctionShabaka, Ibrahim Mohamed Mohamed Aly Shabaka
1983Turbulent flow in curved and rotating tubesEnayet, Mohsen Mohamed
Jan-1976Turbulent Flow in Finite Width Bearing Films Including Turbulence Transport and Inertia EffectsLeschziner, Michael Albert
1986Turbulent flow in the vicinity of the trailing-edge of an aerofoil flapAdair, Desmond.
1963Turbulent flow past rough walls and the movement of grains on stream bedsEl-Gawhary, Ali Ismail Ali
10-Jul-2020Turbulent flows and pollution dispersion around tall buildings using adaptive large eddy simulation (LES)Aristodemou, E; Mottet, L; Constantinou, A; Pain, C;
1-Jan-2013Turbulent friction drag reduction using electroactive polymer and electromagnetically driven surfacesGouder, K; Potter, M; Morrison, JF
May-2011Turbulent Friction Drag Reduction Using Electroactive Polymer SurfacesMorrison, Jonathan; Gouder, Kevin;
1978Turbulent heat transport in two- and three-dimensional temperature fieldsSamarweera, Don Sarath Abesiri
1967The turbulent incompressible hydrodynamic boundary layerEscudier, Marcel Paul
Nov-2016Turbulent inhomogeneous autoignition of liquid fuelsMarkides, Christos; Gupta, Ajay
1989Turbulent jets in a deflecting streamAtkinson, Keith Norman
Jan-1986Turbulent mixing by Rayleigh-Taylor instabilityAndrews, M. J.
1965The turbulent mixing of a two-dimensional jet of foreign gas with a moving air streamEl-Ehwany, Adel Abdel Malek Meckael
1971Turbulent mixing of gas streamsPeerless, S
1977Turbulent natural and forced convection in plumes and cavitiesIderiah, Felix Joseph Kio
1990Turbulent Newtonian and non-Newtonian flows in a stirred reactorHockey, Randal Myles
1979Turbulent plume dispersalEl Tahry, S. H.
Sep-2020Turbulent plumes in a uniform crosswindvan Reeuwijk, Maarten; Vassilicos, Christos; Jordan, Owen Huw;