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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2021Unravelling the molecular dynamics of c-MYC’s TAD domain: a journey from simulation optimisation to drug discoveryWeinzierl, Robert; Sullivan, Sandra
5-Jul-2016Unravelling the optical responses of nanoplasmonic mirror-on-mirror metamaterialsSikdar, D; Hasan, SB; Urbakh, M; Edel, JB; Kornyshev, AA
28-May-2015Unravelling the pH-dependence of a molecular photocatalytic system for hydrogen productionReynal, A; Pastor, E; Gross, MA; Selim, S; Reisner, E, et al
Oct-2014Unravelling the progression of unfolded protein Rresponse in a model system of familial Alzheimer’s diseaseKontoravdi, Cleo; Polizzi, Karen; Stefani Chrysoula, Ioanna;
Feb-2013Unravelling the proteome of chromatin bound RNA polymerase II using Proteome-ChIP in murine stem cellsPombo, Ana; Barahona, Mauricio; Natarajan, Kedar Nath;
Oct-2018Unravelling the role of a eukaryote-like serine/threonine kinase in how escherichia coli adapts to sustained nitrogen starvationWigneshweraraj, Sivaramesh; Brown, Daniel; Switzer, Amy;
11-Jan-2017Unravelling the role of fatty acid metabolism in cancer through the FOXO3-FOXM1 axis.Saavedra-García, P; Nichols, K; Mahmud, Z; Fan, LY; Lam, EW
27-Jan-2017Unravelling the roles of size, ligands and pressure in the piezochromic properties of CdS nanocrystalsCorsini, NRC; Hine, NDM; Haynes, PD; Molteni, C; , et al
Sep-2011Unravelling the structure of striated muscle M-band by electron tomographyLuther, Pradeep; Nagase, Hideaki; Salim, Oday;
1-Apr-2022Unravelling the synergy of oxygen vacancies and gold nanostars in hematite for the electrochemical and photoelectrochemical oxygen evolution reactionZhang, H; Li, P; Zhou, H; Xu, J; Jiang, Q, et al
May-2015Unravelling the targets of electrophilic natural products in cancer with chemical proteomicsTate, Edward; Clulow, James;
18-Apr-2022Unravelling thermal-mechanical effects on microstructure evolution under superplastic forming conditions in a near alpha titanium alloyYasmeen, T; Rahimi, S; Hopper, C; Zhao, B; Jiang, J, et al
-Unreported standard errors in meta-analysisLongford, N
15-Oct-2019Unruh acceleration radiation revisitedBen-Benjamin, JS; Scully, MO; Fulling, SA; Lee, DM; Page, DN, et al
Apr-2013Unscented approaches to inference and design for systems and synthetic biologyStumpf, Michael; Silk, Daniel;
13-Jun-2019Unscheduled hospital contacts after inpatient discharge: A national observational study of COPD and heart failure patients in EnglandHoneyford, K; Bell, D; Chowdhury, F; Quint, J; Aylin, P, et al
-Unscrambling the eggs: Breaking up consummated mergers and dominant firmsKwoka, JE; Valletti, TM
15-Aug-2018Unsqueezing of standing waves due to inflationary domain structureContaldi, CR; Magueijo, J;
24-Jun-2021Unstable throughput: when the difficulty algorithm breaksIlie, D; Werner, S; Stewart, I; Knottenbelt, W
Sep-2016Unsteadiness of shock wave boundary layer interactions across multiple interaction configurations and strengthsBruce, Paul; Threadgill, James;