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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jun-2016Turning on gravity with the Higgs mechanismBarrow, J; Alexander, S; Magueijo, JCR
11-Jul-2019Turning the oil tanker: A novel approach to shifting perspectives in medical practiceRanasinghe, L; Dor, F; Herbert, P
1-Jul-2011Turning the wind into hydrogen: The long-run impact on electricity prices and generating capacityGreen, R; Hu, H; Vasilakos, N
Mar-2019Turnpike property and convergence rate for an investment and consumption modelBian, B; Zheng, H
28-Sep-2014Turnpike property and convergence rate for an investment model with general utility functionsBian, B; Zheng, H
10-Jun-2016Tutorial on fiber-based sources for biophotonic applicationsTaylor, JR;
20-Apr-2016Tutorial: Crystal Orientations and EBSD – or which way is up?Britton, TB; Jiang, J; Vilata-Clemente, A; Wallis, D; Hansen, L, et al
19-Jun-2015TVD differencing on three-dimensional unstructured meshes with monotonicity-preserving correction of mesh skewnessDenner, F; van Wachem, B
23-Jun-2015TVD differencing on three-dimensional unstructured meshes with monotonicity-preserving correction of mesh skewness (Accompanying data)Denner, F; Van Wachem, B;
19-Apr-2014Tweets about hospital quality: a mixed methods studyGreaves, F; Laverty, AA; Ramirez Cano, D; Moilanen, C; Pulman, S, et al
1-Mar-2022Twelve tips for surgeons to maximise medical student learning in the operating theatreHunukumbure, AD; Leedham-Green, KE; Rajamanoharan, A; Patel, K; Tang, A, et al
1-May-2018Twenty years of lupus nephritis management - evaluation of a multi ethnic patient cohort to identify factors affecting outcomeWilson, H; Turner-Stokes, T; Griffith, M; Levy, J; Beckwith, H, et al
Jan-2020Twenty years of metabonomics: so what has metabonomics done for toxicology?Griffin, JL
1-Nov-2013Twenty years of teaching science communication: A case study of Imperial College's Master's programme.Mellor, F
18-Dec-2020Twenty-first century sea-level rise could exceed IPCC projections for strong-warming futuresSiegert, M; Alley, RB; Rignot, E; Englander, J; Corell, R, et al
27-Aug-2016Twenty-five year follow-up of patients with chest pain and smooth, unobstructed epicardial coronary arteriesWebb, CM; Rosano, GMC; Kaski, J-C; Collins, P;
15-May-2013Twenty-four hour non-invasive ambulatory blood pressure and heart rate monitoring in Parkinson’s DiseaseStuebner, E; Vichayanrat, E; Low, DA; Mathias, CJ; Isenmann, S, et al
4-Aug-2020Twenty-seven-year time trends in dementia incidence in Europe and the United States: The Alzheimer Cohorts ConsortiumWolters, FJ; Chibnik, LB; Waziry, R; Anderson, R; Berr, C, et al
1-Nov-2013Twice-Daily Subcutaneous Injection of Kisspeptin-54 Does Not Abolish Menstrual Cyclicity in Healthy Female VolunteersJayasena, CN; Comninos, AN; Nijher, GMK; Abbara, A; De Silva, A, et al
1-Mar-2022Twin boundary fatigue crack nucleation in a polycrystalline Nickel superalloy containing non-metallic inclusionsBergsmo, A; Xu, Y; Poole, B; Dunne, F;