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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Feb-2017Tunable plasmonic metasurface for perfect absorptionArroyo-Huidobro, P; Maier, SA; Pendry; , et al
9-Sep-2015Tunable porosity through cooperative diffusion in a multicomponent porous molecular crystalManurung, R; Holden, D; Miklitz, M; Chen, L; Hasell, T, et al
3-Feb-2017Tunable porous boron nitride: Investigating its formation and its application for gas adsorptionMarchesini, S; Regoutz, A; Payne, D; Petit, C;
27-Jul-2020Tunable pure spin supercurrents and the demonstration 3 of their gateability in a spin-wave deviceJeon, K-R; Montiel, X; Komori, S; Ciccarelli, C; Haigh, J, et al
31-May-2017Tunable semiconducting polymer nanoparticles with INDT-based conjugated polymers for photoacoustic molecular imagingStahl, T; Bofinger, R; Lam, I; Fallon, KJ; Johnson, P, et al
15-May-2017Tunable surface waves at the interface separating different graphene-dielectric composite hyperbolic metamaterialsGric, T; Hess, O
3-Jul-2019Tunable three-dimensional plasmonic arrays for large near-infrared fluorescence enhancementPang, JS; Theodorou, IG; Centeno, A; Petrov, PK; Alford, NM, et al
12-Dec-2019Tunable three-way topological energy-splitterMakwana, M; Chaplain, G;
21-Oct-2014Tunable Trimers: Using Temperature and Pressure to Control Luminescent Emission in Gold(I) Pyrazolate-Based TrimersWoodall, CH; Fuertes, S; Beavers, CM; Hatcher, LE; Parlett, A, et al
1976A tunable vacuum ultraviolet xenon laserHull, David Roger
1981A tunable VUV argon excimer laserJones, Martin Richard Owen
24-Jun-2019Tunable, dual wavelength and self-Q-switched Alexandrite laser using crystal birefringence controlTawy, G; Damzen, M;
22-Sep-2017Tunable, Low Optical Loss Strontium Molybdate Thin Films for Plasmonic ApplicationsWells, MP; Zou, B; Doiron, BG; Kilmurray, R; Mihai, AP, et al
2-Dec-2015Tunable-porosity membranes from discrete nanoparticlesMarchetti, P; Mechelhoff, M; Livingston, A
8-Oct-2016Tuneable 2D self-assembly of plasmonic nanoparticles at liquid | liquid interfacesVelleman, L; Sikdar, D; Turek, V; Kucernak, A; Roser, SJ, et al
7-Jun-2018Tuneable fluorescence enhancement over nanostructured ZnO arrays with controlled morphologyWang, T; Centeno, A; Darvill, D; Pang, J; Ryan, MP, et al
3-Sep-2020Tuneable peptide cross-linked nanogels for enzyme-triggered protein deliveryMassi, L; Najer, A; Chapman, R; Spicer, C; Nele, V, et al
1967Tuned high-frequency transitor power amplifiers and frequency multipliersJohnston, Ronald Harvey
6-Mar-2009Tuned passive control of combustion instabilities using multiple Helmholtz resonatorsZhao, D; Morgans, AS
1-Aug-2021Tungsten boride shields in a spherical tokamak fusion power plantWindsor, CG; Astbury, JO; Davidson, JJ; McFadzean, CJR; Morgan, JG, et al