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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Mar-2019Transcriptome profiling reveals association of peripheral adipose tissue pathology with type-2 diabetes in Asian IndiansSaxena, A; Tiwari, P; Wahi, N; Soni, A; Bansiwal, RC, et al
May-2014Transcriptome-profiling in porcine arteries to identify shear-responsive regulators of endothelial apoptosisMason, Justin; Sherwin, Spencer; Evans, Paul; De Luca, Amalia;
9-Feb-2022Transcriptome-wide association study in UK biobank Europeans identifies associations with blood cell traits.Rowland, B; Venkatesh, S; Tardaguila, M; Wen, J; Rosen, JD, et al
3-Feb-2017Transcriptome-wide co-expression analysis identifies LRRC2 as a novel mediator of mitochondrial and cardiac functionMcDermott-Roe, C; Leleu, M; Rowe, GC; Palygin, O; Bukowy, JD, et al
8-Jan-2013Transcriptome-wide expansion of non-coding regulatory switches: evidence from co-occurrence of Alu exonization, antisense and editingMandal, AK; Pandey, R; Jha, V; Mukerji, M
22-May-2008Transcriptome-wide noise controls lineage choice in mammalian progenitor cellsChang, HH; Hemberg, M; Barahona, M; Ingber, DE; Huang, S
18-May-2021Transcriptomic analysis of inbred chicken lines reveals infectious bursal disease severity is associated with greater bursal inflammation in vivo and more rapid induction of pro-inflammatory responses in primary bursal cells stimulated ex vivoAsfor, AS; Nazki, S; Reddy, VRAP; Campbell, E; Dulwich, KL, et al
11-Sep-2015Transcriptomic analysis of the chicken interferomeGiotis, ES; Robey, RR; Ross, C; Goodbourn, SE; Skinner, MA, et al
2020Transcriptomic analysis reveals diverse gene expression changes in airway macrophages during experimental allergic airway disease.Branchett, WJ; O'Garra, A; Lloyd, CM
7-Dec-2021Transcriptomic characterization of tuberculous sputum reveals a host Warburg effect and microbial cholesterol catabolismLai, RP-J; Cortes, T; Marais, S; Rockwood, N; Burke, M, et al
27-Sep-2017Transcriptomic gene signatures associated with persistent airflow limitation in patients with severe asthmaHekking, PP; Loza, MJ; Pavlidis, S; De Meulder, B; Lefaudeux, D, et al
4-Aug-2020Transcriptomic profile of adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes after neonatal encephalopathyMontaldo, P; Cunnington, A; Oliveira, V; Swamy, R; Bandya, P, et al
15-Nov-2013Transcriptomic Profiling in Childhood H1N1/09 Influenza Reveals Reduced Expression of Protein Synthesis GenesHerberg, JA; Kaforou, M; Gormley, S; Sumner, ER; Patel, S, et al
5-Aug-2015Transcriptomic Profiling of Virus-Host Cell Interactions following Chicken Anaemia Virus (CAV) Infection in an In Vivo Model.Giotis, ES; Rothwell, L; Scott, A; Hu, T; Talbot, R, et al
15-Dec-2019Transcriptomic profiling reveals three molecular phenotypes of adenocarcinoma at the gastroesophageal junctionBornschein, J; Wernisch, L; Secrier, M; Miremadi, A; Perner, J, et al
15-Apr-2019Transcriptomic signatures in sepsis and a differential response to steroids: from the VANISH randomized trialAntcliffe, D; Burnham, K; Al-Beidh, F; Santhakumaran, S; Brett, S, et al
1-Jun-2018Transcriptomic studies in malaria – a paradigm for investigation of systemic host-pathogen interactionsLee, HJ; Georgiadou, A; Otto, T; Levin, M; Coin, L, et al
1-Apr-2019Transcutaneous CO2 measurement is not a reliable alternative to arterial blood gas sampling in the acute medical settingMummery, V; Rogers, E; Padmanaban, V; Matthew, D; Woodcock, T, et al
30-Sep-2020Transcutaneous fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool for non-invasive monitoring of gut function: first clinical experiencesMaurice, J; Lett, A; Skinner, C; Lim, A; Richardson, M, et al