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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Trading accuracy for enjoyment? Data quality and player experience in data collection gamesGundry, D; Deterding, S
1-Jan-2010Trading agents for the smart electricity gridVytelingum, P; Ramchurn, SD; Voice, TD; Rogers, A; Jennings, NR
10-Oct-2017Trading networksAdamic, L; Brunetti, C; Harris, JH; Kirilenko, A
1-Jan-2006Trading strategies for markets: A design framework and its applicationVytelingum, P; Dash, RK; He, M; Sykulski, A; Jennings, NR, et al
Sep-2014Trading strategies in futures marketsBiffis, Enrico; Distaso, Walter; Grant, James;
1-Apr-2020Trading with small nonlinear price impactCayƩ, T; Herdegen, M; Muhle-Karbe, J
1-Oct-2007Tradition and innovation in teaching structural design in civil engineeringAparicio, AC; Ruiz-Teran, AM
12-Apr-2016Traditional and new composite endpoints in heart failure clinical trials: facilitating comprehensive efficacy assessments and improving trial efficiencyAnker, SD; Schroeder, S; Atar, D; Bax, JJ; Ceconi, C, et al
27-Sep-2019Traditional trial-and-error versus neuroanatomical-3D-image software-assisted deep brain stimulation programming in patients with Parkinson's diseasePavese, N; Tai, YF; Yousif, N; Nandi, D; Bain, PG
1-Oct-2011Traffic Air Pollution and Other Risk Factors for Respiratory Illness in Schoolchildren in the Niger-Delta Region of NigeriaMustapha, BA; Blangiardo, M; Briggs, DJ; Hansell, AL;
Jan-2018Traffic and task allocation in networks and the cloudGelenbe, Erol; Wang, Lan
1990Traffic estimation, routing and bandwidth allocation in packet-based speech communication networksKhalaf, Gamal Abdel-Fadeel Mohamed
1990Traffic generation characteristics of off-centre, non-food, retail warehouse developmentsKamali, Ali Reza
28-Nov-2019Traffic monitoring and anomaly detection based on simulation of Luxembourg Road networkZhu, L; Krishnan, R; Sivakumar, A; Guo, F; Polak, J
4-Jan-2010Traffic noise and the hyperbolic planeGibbons, GW; Warnick, CM
24-Jun-2016Traffic pollution and the incidence of cardiorespiratory outcomes in an adult cohort in London.Carey, IM; Anderson, HR; Atkinson, RW; Beevers, S; Cook, DG, et al
1-Mar-2014Traffic-related air pollution and congenital anomalies in BarcelonaSchembari, A; Nieuwenhuijsen, MJ; Salvador, J; De Nazelle, A; Cirach, M, et al
1-Dec-2016Traffic-related air pollution and hyperactivity/inattention, dyslexia and dyscalculia in adolescents of the German GINIplus and LISAplus birth cohortsFuertes, E; Standl, M; Forns, J; Berdel, D; Garcia-Aymerich, J, et al
1-Sep-2018Traffic-related air pollution and solid organ transplant failure in Great Britain: A retrospective cohort studyPierotti, L; Schofield, SJ; Collett, D; Fecht, D; De Hoogh, K, et al
26-Aug-2016Traffic-Related Air Pollution Exposure and Asthma, Hayfever, and Allergic Sensitisation in Birth Cohorts: A Systematic Review and MetaAnalysisHeinrich, J; Guo, F; Fuertes, E