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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1969Thermodynamic properties of some liquid alloysAchari, Achyuta
1976Thermodynamic properties of the methane-ethylene systemLee, Jun Wung
6-Apr-2017Thermodynamic resource theories, non-commutativity and maximum entropy principlesLostaglio, M; Jennings, D; Rudolph, T
Apr-2010Thermodynamic stability and kinetic analysis of pharmaceutical channel hydrate during dehydration processHeng, Jerry; Khoo, Ji Yi;
30-Aug-2011Thermodynamic stability of LaMnO3 and its competing oxides: A hybrid density functional study of an alkaline fuel cell catalystAhmad, EA; Liborio, L; Kramer, D; Mallia, G; Kucernak, AR, et al
Aug-2020Thermodynamic stabilization of mixed-halide perovskites against phase segregationHutter, EM; Muscarella, LA; Wittmann, F; Versluis, J; McGovern, L, et al
1982Thermodynamic studies of complex metal halide vapoursMcPhail, D. S.
1969Thermodynamic studies of inclusion compoundsStroud, Henry J
1969Thermodynamic studies of non-stoichiometry in oxides with rutile structuresZador, Susan
1970Thermodynamic studies of oxygen in liquid metallic solutionsJacob, Kalarackel Thomas
1976Thermodynamic studies of polyanionic melts with particular reference to sodium systemsAranda Forno, Silvia Beatriz
1961Thermodynamic studies of some metal chloride systemsJones, Geoffrey Peter
1965Thermodynamic studies using cells with solid electrolytesSteele, Brian Charles Hilton
1969A thermodynamic study of certain binary solutions based on copper and silverPalamutcu, Turgut
1965A thermodynamic study of oxygen in molten copper alloysYoung, David Ronald
1983A thermodynamic study of polymer compatibilityChai, Z.
1966A thermodynamic study of the binary metallic systems of iron, cobalt, and nickelKubik, Annemarie Olga Hermine
1951A thermodynamic study of the silicon-oxygen equilibrium in liquid ironPadday, J. F.
1968Thermodynamic study of the uranium oxycarbide systemJaved, Naimat Ali
1-Jun-2020Thermodynamical modelling of a stratified charge spark ignition engineSmith, JK; Roberts, P; Kountouriotis, A; Richardson, D; Aleiferis, P, et al