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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2016Streamlines in stationary homogeneous isotropic turbulence and fractal-generated turbulenceBoschung, J; Peters, N; Laizet, S; Vassilicos, JC
Oct-2018Streamlining decision making in contralateral risk-reducing mastectomy: impact of PREDICT and BOADICEA computationsLeff, DR; De Silva, T; Henry, F; Thiruchelvam, P; Hadjiminas, D, et al
2-May-2017Streamlining staging of lung and colorectal cancer with whole body MRI; study protocols for two multicentre, non-randomised, single-arm, prospective diagnostic accuracy studies (Streamline C and Streamline L)Taylor, SA; Mallett, S; Miles, A; Beare, S; Bhatnagar, G, et al
16-Aug-2010Streamwise vortices in shear flows: harbingers of transition and the skeleton of coherent structuresHall, P; Sherwin, S
29-Dec-2015Street crossing behavior in younger and older pedestrians: an eye- and head-tracking studyZito, GA; Cazzoli, D; Scheffler, L; Jäger, M; Müri, RM, et al
1969Strength and compressibility of granular materials under generalised strain conditionGreen, Gordon Eric
1961Strength and consolidation characteristics of compacted soilsBlight, Geoffrey Eustace
1978The strength and deformation characteristics of a soft alluvial clay under full scale loading conditionsPugh, R. S
1969Strength and deformation characteristics of rockfillTombs, Stanley Graham
1992Strength and failure mechanisms of unidirectional carbon fibre-reinforced plastics under axial compressionHaberle , Jurgen
1989Strength and fatigue of the respiratory muscles in manKoulouris, Nickolaos
23-Feb-2020Strength and fragmentation behaviour of complex-shaped catalyst pellets: A numerical and experimental studyFarsi, A; Xiang, J; Latham, JP; Carlsson, M; Stitt, EH, et al
1989The strength and stiffness of soils associated with excavationsHellings, Jan Eise
1-Jul-2022Strength and stiffness properties of an unsaturated clayey silt: experimental study at high degrees of saturationShire, T; Standing, J;
1-Jan-2005Strength enhancement of the corner regions of stainless steel cross-sectionsAshraf, M; Gardner, L; Nethercot, DA
31-Jan-2013Strength enhancements in cold-formed structural sections - Part I: Material testingAfshan, S; Rossi, B; Gardner, L
31-Jan-2013Strength enhancements in cold-formed structural sections - Part II: Predictive modelsRossi, B; Afshan, S; Gardner, L
1-Apr-2005Strength estimation model for high-strength concrete incorporating metakaolin and silica fumeAbdul Razak, H,; Wong, H S,
Dec-2013Strength in numbers? Grouping, fund allocation and coordination amongst the neglected tropical diseases.Bhopal, A; Callender, T; Knox, AF; Regmi, S
1978The strength of aggregates formed in flocculationSmith, Donald Kenneth Weldon