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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1965Studies in glycoprotein structureFletcher, Archibald Peter
1952Studies in heat transfer to boiling liquids at low temperaturesMikhail, Nassif Rizk
1971Studies in heterocyclic chemistryGreig, David George Taylor
1966Studies in high power ion gunsCasemore, Colin
1966Studies in humic acid chemistryAinsworth, Anthony Trevor
1964Studies in hydroxylamine and diazocompound chemistryWiddowson, David Arthur
1953Studies in ion exchange : an investigation into the preparation and properties of a monofunctional carboxylic acid resinHowe, Peter Gordon.
1986Studies in laser stability and mode-lockingZenteno Sanchez, Luis Alberto
1970Studies in medium ring chemistryDuffin, David
1965Studies in medium-ring sesquiterpenesGreenwood, John Malcolm
1974Studies in non-dispersice atomic fluorescence spectrometryMounce, Richard Peter
1962Studies in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopySarkis, George Yonathan
1965Studies in nuclear magnetic resonance techniquesHarris, Michael
1967Studies in olefin cyclisationSolomon, Malcolm David
1972Studies in olefin cyclisationMarsham, Peter Robert
1970Studies in organic photochemistryWeingarten, Gordon Gad
1980Studies in organosulphur-nitrogen and organoselenium-nitrogen chemistrySetiloane, B. P.
1964Studies in photochemistryCox, Alan
1966Studies in photoelectric interference spectroscopy in the ultra-violetBates, Brian
1968Studies in photoionizationBaker, Arthur David